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Tuttle mascot back on the prowl


Murphy Cornwell will reprise the role of Tony the Tiger for the upcoming school year.

IMG_5010By Jayson Knight Managing Editor

Murphy Cornwell has taken over the role of Tony the Tiger in preparation for the upcoming Tuttle school year. The Tuttle Tigers’ mascot has been on hiatus the last two years, but the Tuttle junior said she intends to bring the character back on the field with “enthusiasm, sportsmanship and showmanship.”

The mascot will train with the Tuttle cheer team and that will not be new to Murphy.

“Murphy was a cheerleader for the last six years,” Tuttle Cheer Coach Jessica Mitchell said. “She could have easily made the squad if she tried out as a cheerleader. It was her personal preference to be the mascot and I think the girls are going to really enjoy it.”

After eight years as head coach, Carrie McKee handed the Tuttle Cheer reigns over to Mitchell during the offseason. McKee has included a mascot many seasons, but said the mascot role has been missing lately because it requires a lot of commitment.

“It’s a big commitment,” McKee said. “When you get someone who wants to do it, they really only want to do it when they want to. They don’t always want to go to camp or fulfill the other obligations. It’s a part of cheer squad and it comes with its own set of responsibilities.”

“I remember being in middle school and seeing the high school mascot,” Murphy said. “I did think it was pretty cool. It wasn’t being advertised that there was a mascot opening because not too many kids were wanting to do that, but I asked Coach McKee and she said it was cool. That was before we knew Coach Mitchell would be with the program and she’s been more than supportive. She is a lot better than any of us could have expected. With any of the skits or ideas I’ve had, she’s been more than happy to help out which is so awesome to have in a coach.”

McKee said she thinks Murphy has what it takes. “She’s a great cheerleader,” McKee said of Murphy. “She’s a good kid. I think she’s going to be great. She likes to have fun and being a mascot completely fits her personality.”

Mitchell agreed.

“She is absolutely hilarious,” Mitchell said of Murphy, “probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. She has a perfect personality to be mascot and she won the highest mascot award at the NCA camp in Norman this year. She also got the mascot spirit stick the first night of camp.”

She also won the highest mascot award the National Cheerleading Association gives: The Herky High Point Award for the mascot with the highest score in Tuttle’s division nationwide.

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