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Tuttle firefighter hit in car wreck suffers extensive damage


Above, Montana Clark uses a walker to get back on his feet just a few days after suffering an eight-inch break in his pelvic bone, broken ribs and other internal injuries.


Montana Clark is pictured on the job with the Tuttle Fire Department.

Thursday morning, July 21, just before sunrise, Tuttle firefighter Montana Clark was T-boned by an SUV while driving from Mustang to Tuttle heading south on Highway 4 at the corner of 4 and Sw 89th Street. The vehicle crashed into Clark’s car driverside, resulting in numerous injuries to the hometown hero.
Clark is suffering from a fractured pelvis, two broken ribs, a small laceration of the kidney and a concussion.
A statement from the Fire Department said “As an intern firefighter and not having the injury while on duty, he is not covered under the department insurance or pension. He will have a long road ahead of him with bills and physical therapy.”
His fellow firefighters have started a Go Fund Me account to assist Clark. It can be accessed online at and so far 32 community members have donated $2,533.
“He was coming from the gym,” Tuttle firefighter Jerrod Williams said. “He was going to change and then come to work. We’re finding out now that the other driver didn’t have insurance. This is going to all come right back on the family.”
Clark was on his feet again Thursday, making his way up and down the hallways at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. Montana’s dad Tony Clark said that his son is handling it as best he can.
“He’s got a tolerance to pain like nobody’s business, because he’s an avid weightlifter,” Clark said. “He cries when he stands up, so it must be so bad.
“He had a lot going on. He’s wanted to be a firefighter since he was 16. He was becoming a firefighter and he was almost done with one class at OCCC and was about to enroll at OSU-OKC. It was just an intern role, but he wants to be a real firefighter. They say he’ll be feeling his hip injury three years from now. Last time I saw him in the gym, I watched him pick up 385 pounds eight times for five or six sets. To see him not be able to stand up, that’s a pretty bad injury.”
Born and raised in Tuttle, Montana now needs the help of the community he has served as a paramedic and firefighter.
“He’s not just a coworker or a friend, he’s a family member,” Tuttle firefighter Aaron Eccland said. “We’re always going to be there for him. The post on Facebook has 6,000 views so if everyone gives just a dollar, five dollars, it would mean a lot. Even if they just shared it on Facebook. He’s a good worker, and he’s good with patients. He helps people and it’s time for him to accept help.”

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