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‘Into The Woods’ by Oklahoma Children’s Acting Guild


Oklahoma Children’s Acting Guild in Tuttle presented “Into the Woods” Thursday through Sunday. It was the third performance the guild has had in its new facility, located at 101 Southwest 4th Street. The play includes several famous storybook characters with familiar storylines intersecting.

The story centers on a baker and his wife. Wishing for a baby, the two find out they are under a curse from a witch. The baker and his wife go in search of four items they must give to the witch in exchange for their own child.

Searching for a white cow, red cape, gold slipper, and yellow hair, the baker and his wife run across Jack, Little Red Ridinghood, Cinderella, Rapunzel and more. In the first act, the tales weave through each other with the baker and his wife interacting with the known fairy tales. After they acquire all the items, the witch grants the baker and his wife a child and the first act concludes with a happily-ever-after feeling that lasts until the beginning of Act Two.

The second act began with an apparent earthquake that is found to be the result of a giantess looking for revenge for her husband who had been killed by Jack. Cinderella’s and the baker’s wishes don’t go perfectly either with Prince Charming proving unfaithful during an encounter in the woods with the baker’s wife.

The fairytale-turned-tragedy results in the death of Rapunzel, Jack’s Mother, the giantess, the baker’s wife, and the witch.

With the characters steadily chasing greener grass, the play deals with the aftermath and consequences of the characters’ wishes. OCAG Director Krislyn Gottman said the message is “Be careful what you wish for,” she said.

The play featured over two dozen musical numbers and 20 characters. The Stage Manager for the show was Mandi Russell, the House Manager was Jennifer DeWitt, the Concessions Manager was Cheryl Nolin, with costumes by Susan Hinckley and programs passed out by Regina Garvie. The set construction crew included Josh Chambers, AJ Fleming, Kevin Gottman, and McKenna Nolin. A list of cast members and their roles are featured on this page.

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