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Warren, Amick-Dodson face off in GOP runoff

By William Washington
Contributing Writer

The field for Oklahoma County Court Clerk will get a little smaller.

Incumbent Rick Warren and Linda Amick Dodson will meet in a primary runoff election Tuesday, Aug. 23 for the Republican nomination.

Warren has served as Court Clerk since March after narrowly beating out Dodson in the primary election as well as State Sen. Anastasia Pittman (D) in the general election. Warren was elected to fill the unexpired term of former Court Clerk Tim Rhodes.

Warren, an Oklahoma County native who has owned and run multiple style shops, a restaurant, a real estate company, as well as Warren Construction, offers 30 plus years of business experience to the office including time served as the Oklahoma County Court Clerk.

“This is for somebody that can bring unity down there, somebody that can bring the morale up, bring service to the judges, to the bar to the citizens, someone with skills like mine,” said Warren. This is strictly a management job.”

Warren said he is working on a plan to save money by bringing the office into the current century.

“We can file online just like the feds do, pay online and save a lot of paper,” said Warren. “Get rid of these storage buildings and get all of these files put in on computers. Let’s get the backup going like I do on my own files in my business and we can save a lot of money.”

Warren also commented on his opponents experience in the County Clerk’s office.

“I’m running against, on the other side something that keeps coming up is the 21 years of experience of the candidate, they fail to say that she’s only actually been out there three years. She had a seven year gap between that 21 years,” said Warren.

According to Dodson (Warren’s opponent) the legal system is runs in her family. Her father is a practicing attorney and serves as a special and district judge, and her brother who is also an attorney.

Dodson was asked by a member of the office why she did not run, but was 690 votes short of the Republican nomination.

“It was brought to my attention that no one who was filing, at that time, had any prior experience working in our office,” said Dodson.

So Dodson decided to run against Warren on the last day of filing. Dodson said she lost by 697 votes and that was too close of a race not to run again. This time around Dodson wants to see it through because she feels that the office should be run by someone with knowledge, experience and leadership.

“Ten of those years I was the Jury Administrator. I was in charge of 400 people every other week,” said Dodson. “If that’s not management experience, I don’t know what is.”

One issue that both candidates have said and agree on is that service to the taxpayers and others is their main goal. Respect for the law and respect for Oklahoma county is what Dodson and Warren plan to take with them to the Oklahoma County Clerk’s Office in January.

Polls will be open on Tuesday, August 23 from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. You can find your polling place or more information on the Oklahoma State Election Board website by visiting or 405-521-2391.

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