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Voice of Bronco football retiring after 38 years

By Brody Feldmann

Staff Writer


The voice of the Broncos football, Bill Allen, is set to retire after 38 years. This Friday night will be Allen’s final game to call unless the Broncos win and get a home playoff game.

“I’m sure it means a lot to him. I know it meant a lot to Mustang football. He was always very articulate in how he went about doing his job,” Louie Riddles said.

Allen has seen a lot of good teams come through Mustang and a few not as good. Before Allen came to Mustang for the public address announcing job he worked for ABC and KOCO.

“The good part about announcing is that you’re apart of it. The bad part about announcing is that it comes and goes, you don’t remember the next moment because you’re wrapped up in the moment at the time,” Allen said.

Friday nights at Broncos Stadium isn’t the same without Allen. In 1980’s Allen took a few years away from the program until fans started asking for him to come back because it wasn’t the same without him.

“The energy he brings to the game, no matter whether you’ve been to a game or not you can always remember that ‘Mustang fans rise, here comes the Broncos’ you will hear that same voice,” assistant principle Craig Chestnut said. “I can still hear it echo in my head from the time I played and now being an administrator.”

One thing that sticks out to a lot of people about Allen is when the Broncos football team is about to come onto the field, he asks everyone to rise. His next line is “Here comes your Mustang Broncos” and the whole stadium starts to clap and sing along with the band playing the fight song.

Players hear him say their name after a good play and it just makes it that much more special. But, there are also times that the players will hear him and wish he wouldn’t have said anything after a bad play.

Allen makes the Friday Night Lights experience even better for Mustang fans and he has for the last 38 years. The fans don’t realize how lucky they are to have such a good PA announcer until they have in encounter with a mediocre announcer on the road.

“There is stuff you will never forget. Its stuff that is just a part of the Friday night experience and without Mr. Allen we would still have games and stuff but it wouldn’t be the same,” Mustang quarterback (2013-2015) Chandler Garrett said.

Friday nights won’t be the same without Allen and we want to thank him for his tenure here at Mustang. Mr. Allen thank you for your time, we hope the city of Mustang has been as good to you as you have been to it.

“I’m very appreciative of all of the different coaches that have been supportive of me, I appreciate all of the players. The most gratifying thing to me is the Mustang fans,” Allen said with emotion.

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