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New trend in college football?

By Brody Feldmann

Staff Writer

Twitter BFeldo14


People say that the generation that is in college is soft and selfish well we now have our first two collegiate football players sitting out of their bowl games, Leonard Fournette and Christian McAffrey.

The two star running backs have told the nation and their teams that they will not play in the bowl games because they don’t want to be injured.

Fournette was the first to announce that he would not be playing in his teams, Louisiana State University, bowl game the Citrus Bowl against Louisville.

This season the Fournette has been battling injuries this season but, still if you sign up to play for a team you finish the season. Him saying he isn’t playing is telling his teammates that he doesn’t care if it’s their last game to ever play he is not going to help them win.

Fournette has carried the workload for the Tigers offense the last couple of years; 2015: 1,953 yards, 6.5 average per carry, 22 touchdowns rushing and 19 receptions, 253 yards and one touchdown receiving. 2016: 843 yards, 6.5 average per carry, eight touchdowns and 15 receptions 146 yards and zero touchdowns.

McCaffrey had arguably the best season in college football history last year in 2015. With 2,019 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground, 45 receptions, 645 yards and five touchdowns while piling up 1,000 yards returning.

This year he is still having a remarkable season but he had to sit out one game. In 2016; 1,596 yards, 6.3 yards per carry, 13 touchdowns and 38 receptions for 317 yards and three receiving touchdowns.

At the beginning of the season these two were favorites for the Heisman even though neither one had the season they were expected to have they are still huge assets for their team.

I understand you can get injured like Jaylon Smith from Notre Dame last year did against Ohio State. Smith was a top ten prospect before he tore his ACL and LCL and dropped to the 34th pick in the draft going to the Dallas Cowboys.

But, this is football there is always a risk of getting hurt every single player on the field is taking that risk. Both Fournette and McCaffrey are top ten prospects that have backed out on their teams when they need them the most.

I hope that NFL owners and GM’s will look at this as if these two will bring drama into the locker room and this will drop this out of the first round. Because that is absolutely what they deserve is to lose the first round money they are banking on receiving.

Also did I mention both of these players have insurance policies to protect themselves in case they do get injured. Both of which have over one million dollars guaranteed if they get hurt.

As a college football fan let’s hope that this does not start something that will last too long because this is a disgrace to the game.

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