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Flu forces Minco Public Schools to close

By Jon Watje
Managing Editor


Minco Public Schools were forced to close for the rest of this week due to the alarming rate of sick students.

A flu epidemic hit Minco Public Schools hard last week, and now the district will have to make up several school days in the coming months.

“It started getting bad on Friday and then it got worse on Monday and Tuesday was really bad,” said Minco Superintendent Kevin Sims. “By Tuesday, we had 100 kids out sick and on that day, we ended up sending 36 more students home because of fever.”

The district made the decision to call off school for the rest of the week.

“Hopefully those five days gave the kids time to get better and get over this, I know I am,” Sims said. “These kids need to be in the classroom.”

Because of the days missed, Sims said the district will have school on days that were supposed to be school-free.

“We are going to take spring break off of course, but we will have school on all the other days, including a couple days in April that we were supposed to be off, including a day in May,” he said. “Our last day of school was supposed to be May 11, but we will add one more day on May 12.”

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