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Crutcho to hold bond election Tuesday

Crutcho Public Schools is holding an $820,000 bond election on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Crutcho Public Schools will hold a bond election Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Voters will be asked to approve an $820,000 bond issue that would be used to purchase land for a new school.

School Superintendent Teresa McAfee said a new school is needed because the current building, 2401 N. Air Depot Blvd., is located in a flood plain. The building was damaged during flooding in May 2013.

Crutcho plans to build a new school near NE 10th St. and Air Depot Blvd. McAfee said it is the last piece of property the district that is not in a flood plain.

The future site would also allow more students to safely walk to school. The district currently provides transportation for students because the school is located on the busy intersection of NE 23rd St. and Air Depot Blvd.

“It would allow us to have most students safely walk to school and this is helpful because we receive zero transportation funding,” McAfee said.
McAfee said if the land contract fails, the district would use the bond funds to maintain the current building, equipment and property.

If the bond issues passes, school taxes would increase by about $12.75 for every $100 currently paid in taxes per year. The bond issue is expected to last three years.

Crutcho has seen low voter turnout in recent elections. In 2013, a $980,000 bond issue to upgrade school facilities passed by a 5-0 vote. A similar bond election in 2010 passed by an 11-3 vote. And in 2006, voters approved a $45,000 transportation bond issue, 37-24.

McAfee said they have reached out to district patrons for the current bond election. And thanked residents for their support in recent elections.

“Low voter turnout is not always a bad thing,” she said. “We have been fortunate that those who do come out have supported our bond issues.”

Crutcho is a dependent school district that serves about 362 students in grades K-8.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Polling locations:

Precinct 31
Del City Community Center, 4505 SE 15th St.

Precinct 66
Forest Park City Hall, 4203 N. Coltrane Rd.

Precinct 77
Spencer United Methodist Church, 5201 N. Palmer Ave.

Precinct 78
Spencer Center, 8306 NE 36th St.

Precinct 79
Dixon Baptist Church, 2000 N. Spencer Rd.

Precinct 80
LifeChurch, 6809 E. Reno Ave.

Precinct 244
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 1524 NE Grand Blvd.

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