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Woman arrested after pursuit; search for man ends in his release

A pursuit starting in Union City ended up with a female being arrested after a burglary was reported.

On Thursday, March 23, at 12:49 p.m., dispatch advised that a victim was chasing a suspect of a larceny eastbound on SW 29th from Choctaw. The vehicle was describ

Whitnie Goodman

ed as a red Chevrolet Tahoe pulling a flatbed trailer.

A short time later, the reporting party stated that they had turned south on Alfadale. A UCPD Officer turned north on Alfadale and encountered the red Chevrolet Tahoe north of SW 59th Street on Alfadale. The Officer observed that the driver got out of the driver’s door and stood in the road for a few seconds as the Officer was slowly approaching. As the Officer got closer, the suspect driver got back into the vehicle and started driving directly towards the patrol vehicle. The Officer was able to pull to the right to avoid the vehicle and it passed on the left side of the patrol vehicle and sped away southbound. The Officer turned around and broadcast the pursuit of the vehicle.

The Officer maintained good visual contact with the vehicle and its dust trail. The suspect drove south on Alfadale to SW 89th, and turned East, turned south on Radio Road to SW 104th, turned west on SW 104th to Alfadale, turned west on SW 104th to US 81, then South on US 81. The Officer was able to catch up to the vehicle on US 81 and maintained a speed of approximately 118 mph. Another UCPD Officer was able to join the pursuit at this time. During this period of time, the driver was shaking the steering wheel in an attempt to shake the scrap metal off of the trailer and into the path of the patrol vehicles.

The Minco PD and the Grady County Sheriff’s Office were contacted for assistance. As the suspect approached the Town of Minco, the suspect suddenly veered left and off the roadway through a pasture ending up on Cemetery Road in Minco. The suspect continued through Minco until turning west on SH 37 and then made an abrupt south turn onto 1st street in Minco. At this turn, the suspect struck another east bound vehicle, a red ford pickup and pushed it up into the yard at that intersection. Assisting Units from Minco made their way to that location and completed a traffic collision report. The suspect vehicle continued south to Sagar Road and then turned back to the west, turned south on County Road 2840 and then west again on County Road 1200. The suspect vehicle continued west crossing US 81 again on County Road 1200. The suspect continued west until the intersection of County Road 2820 and turned back north. The vehicle turned back to the west and drove to approximately 1/3 mile west of County Road 2810. The suspect vehicle and trailer were located still running on the side of the road.

There is a large drainage ditch that runs under the road. UCPD Officers and Minco PD Officers were able to check the vehicle and the drainage ditch. At the drainage ditch they located a female subject identified to be Whitnie Goodman, DOB 10-06-1988. Whitney had curly, dirty blonde hair and was wearing a dark colored shirt. This was consistent with the driver that had been observed earlier at the time of the stop.

Upon questioning, Goodman stated that there was another person in the vehicle who had been forcing her to run from the police. Goodman stated that the other person was a man named Adam Wright, also of Minco. Several of the Officers from Minco knew immediately who Wright was. Goodman stated that Wright had run north along a creek line and further stated that he was armed with a handgun.
Officers from the Union City PD, Minco PD, Grady County Sheriff, Canadian County Sheriff, and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol assisted in setting up a perimeter and K9 Units from the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office initiated a tracking pattern in the direction that Goodman had indicated.

Officers transported Goodman to the Union City PD for processing. Officers read the Miranda waiver to Goodman, who provided a written statement. Goodman stated that Adam Wright had been in the vehicle and had pointed a handgun at her, telling her to flee the area. Goodman was processed and transported to the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center.
The search went on for over an hour. Minco Police Department broadcast that they had located Adam Wright in Minco near the intersection of 8th and Caddo.

The perimeter and search were discontinued. Officers arrived at the area with Minco PD. The originating Officer made visual observation of Adam Wright. He did not resemble the person That was seen driving the vehicle. Wright stated that the vehicle described belongs to Whitnie Goodman. Adam Wright was released.

Officers arrived at the Union City Police Department and uploaded the dash camera video. Upon viewing the initial contact with the suspect vehicle, it appeared that there was only one person in the vehicle.

An assisting Officer processed his dash camera video, he was able to isolate another image from the vehicle as it passed him. The video also clearly showed only one person in the vehicle.
At the conclusion of the investigation, the evidence indicates that there was one person involved in this crime, Whitnie Goodman.
Goodman is detained at the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office with charges of:
1. 21 O.S. § 1705 • Penalty for grand larceny: when the property value is $500 or more.
2. 21 O.S. § 540A (B) • Eludes or attempts to eludes a police officer after receiving signal to stop in such a manner as to endanger any other person.
3. 21 O.S. § 540 • Obstructing officer.
4. 21 O.S. § 425 (B) (3) Engaging in a Pattern of Criminal Offenses.

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