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New church finds its home in Mustang

By Jess Kelsey
Managing Editor

“There’s just something great about Mustang,” said Pastor Roger Henricksen of God’s Will Community Church.

God’s Will Community Church recently moved from Yukon to Mustang and is now open at 135 N. Cedar Branch Way, Suite 101.

After a journey of moving from location to location, including a restaurant with no electricity and a small unit with no heat or air, Henricksen is excited to now call Mustang the church’s new home.

“I can’t believe how nice Mustang is,” said Henricksen. “It has just grown so much. I really like it here.”

The church has been in its new location for almost a month and currently has around 15 members. Henricksen, who has been in the ministry for 15 years, hopes to continue to grow the church and reach more residents of Mustang. He aims to offer people a place where anyone can “feel welcomed, loved and blessed.”

God’s Will Community Church’s Mobile Ministry helps bring church to those who cannot attend otherwise.

“There’s so many people that want to go to church, but they are nervous and they are scared for many different reasons,” said Henricksen. “Maybe they’ve never gone to church and they want to. Maybe they’ve gone to church but they’ve stopped going. Maybe they don’t want to be judged or looked down on. When people come here they will feel very welcomed.”

Henricksen was ordained in the Baptist church, but doesn’t want denominations to be a factor that deters people from attending.

“I don’t get into denominations because I just want people to come to church and enjoy their experience,” said Henricksen.

God’s Will Community Church currently holds Sunday Service and Children’s Church at 11:00 a.m., as well as Wednesday Service and Children’s Church at 7:00 p.m. Anyone is invited to attend.

God’s Will Community Church Mobile Ministry

All while searching for the perfect location to call the church home, Henricksen has also been busy with God’s Will Community Church Mobile Ministry. The Mobile Ministry is a project that was started to “bring the church to people who can’t make it here.”

A former location of Henricksen’s was getting crowded with clothes and house hold item donations. Henricksen opened his doors for anyone in the community to come pick up donated items they may need, but there was still a large number of donations left in the church.

“The Lord told me to take these donations to the homeless,” said Henricksen.

Henricksen and volunteers loaded up a trailer and started making trips to downtown Oklahoma City to hand out the donated times to the homeless.
“We’d set up tables with clothes for them to go through, and then they started asking if I could take them to church,” said Henricksen.

Henricksen didn’t have the means to transport a group of people to their former location in Yukon, and that’s when Henricksen decided he needed to find a way to reach these people.
“I told them, I’ll bring the church to you,” said Henricksen.

Henricksen and volunteers then started bringing pews, tents and bibles with them when they would lay out the donations.

“As they were going through the clothes, I’d start preaching,” said Henricksen. “The sermons were about hope. It’s amazing because they would stop, and they would sit and listen to the sermons.”
Henricksen said if anyone didn’t want to sit and listen, they were still welcome to take what they needed and leave.

Henricksen said the Mobile Ministry hasn’t made a trip recently due to the church’s re-location and due to a lack of local volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering for God’s Will Community Church, contact Henricksen at 405-534-7976 or on Facebook at Henricksen Ministries.

The Mobile Ministry has also been utilized as a way for communities to hold community prayer meetings.

“We’ve set up the church at a central location in a town, and people from the community would come to pray for their town, the schools, the police department, the fire department, elected officials, and anything focusing on that community,” said Henricksen.

Henricksen hopes to use the church’s new location and the mobile ministry as a way to reach people in the area, helping people to grow in faith and in their walks with Christ.

“Christ didn’t sit in the church and wait for people to come to the church,” said Henricksen. “Christ went out to the people and that’s what we try to do. We try to get out of these four walls and reach people that way.”

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