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Choctaw’s Walmart Supercenter offers new grocery pickup service

As of 8 a.m. Thursday, July 27 local shoppers will no longer have to step foot inside Walmart.

Choctaw’s Supercenter is the latest store in the region to implement a state-of-the-art pickup process, which gives shoppers the ability to shop online from home and then have groceries and other merchandise loaded directly into their vehicle.

Utilizing the site and mobile applications the new service is completed with three easy steps.

Shoppers now have the option to place an order online at, choose a pickup timeslot and drive to the store where the items are loaded directly into their car.

“This new service is completely free. The cost will be the exact same as if you were to walk through the store shopping yourself,” said Mark Etheridge, assistant manager over pickup. “You’ll be able to order your items, drive to the store and we’ll load them directly into your car.”

The new service is expected to be ideal for busy parents with children, those with limited shopping time, shoppers with physical limitations and those wanting to limit impulse shopping.

The shopping service is now live, and pickup times can be scheduled any day between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. following a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the first pickup at 8 a.m. Thursday, July 27.

“There’s an app to download on your phone to make shopping easy. Then when you’re about to leave for pickup simply use the app’s mobile check-in,” explained Etheridge. “The app will notify us when you’re 10 minutes away so we can gather your items, and then again when you’re five minutes away so we can gather any cold or frozen groceries. When you pull up to the store your order will be ready to go.”

Fast and friendly service will be a priority with 15 associates currently dedicated to shopping for pickup customers, and there could be more jobs opening up if the store meets projections.

“We strive for top service, and we won’t settle for anything less. We’ll show you your eggs and bread, and explain any substitutions we made, if any,” said Etheridge. “Substitutions have to be enabled in the app. If they are allowed our shoppers will replace any item on your list that is out of stock, for any reason, with an equivalent that has no cost to you. Substitutions will always be a better deal for the consumer.”

After each shopper collects their items an online survey will be available to share their thoughts about the experience.

“We take the surveys very serious,” said Etheridge. “As soon as a survey comes in I’ll be able to view it. If there’s something that needs addressed I’ll be able to handle it from anywhere.”

Del City is the closest Walmart to currently offer the service, while Mustang has been the most successful pickup store in the region. A handful of other Oklahoma City stores have implemented the service, said Etheridge.

“We expect to give Mustang a run for it, and to regain some customers who have been taking advantage of the service in Del City,” explained Etheridge. “If our projections are right this will be a big success.”

Walmart is offering a $10 referral incentive to get the program off the ground. When a shopper refers a new shopper to the service, both will receive a $10 credit on their account.

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