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Food pantry raising money for new delivery truck

Mid-Del Food Pantry volunteers Leon Brown and Doug Miesse return after driving to pick up donations for the non-profit organization. (Photo by Maxine Wheelan)

By Maxine Wheelan
Staff Writer

The Mid-Del Food Pantry, located behind Midwest Boulevard Christian Church, has been wishing and hoping for a new delivery truck. The current truck is nearing the end of its life and does not have air conditioning. It also has a manual transmission, which limits who can drive it.

Leon Brown and Doug Miesse leave before 8 a.m. to pick up donated food from various businesses in Midwest City. There is one other driver, Tom Harkins and they take turns each Monday, Wednesday and Friday and sometimes the volunteers even pick up on Saturday mornings. These drivers and all the workers that make things better for others are volunteer and they take their jobs seriously. They know that without them, a lot of people in eastern Oklahoma County would be going hungry.

The main issue at this point is if this truck quits doing its job; there will be no more pickups so consequently no more food pantry. The cost to repair the truck are more than it is worth, the food pantry is hoping to replace it soon.

The food pantry has been raising money for a new truck for a while. Mike Anderson, food pantry director, said a generous donation last week from Alliance Health Midwest Volunteer Group pushed them close to their goal. He said they need about another $2,000 to get the truck.

They have a website where anyone can make a donation to help buy a truck that has automatic shift and hopefully air conditioning. Donations can be made at:
For more information, call the Mid-Del Food Pantry Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 732-3603.

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