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EOCP seeks public input

Online surveys now available for residents of Choctaw, Harrah, Jones, Luther and Nicoma Park

In coordination with the Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership 2017 Gala, online surveys went live Friday night.

Mitch Hale steps up as chairman of the Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership at the 2017 EOCP Gala Aug. 11. (Photo by Ryan Horton)

The annual event celebrating accomplishments of the partnership was hosted August 11 at River Oaks Country Club, and the big news of the evening was the launch of online surveys that will be used to gather input from eastern Oklahoma County residents to assist in the creation of a comprehensive master plan for the entire region.
The EOCP is asking for public input to determine what kind of growth residents of Choctaw, Harrah, Jones, Luther and Nicoma Park want to see in coming years.
The surveys went live at, and following the online input period the public will be invited to several meetings hosted within the cities developing master plans.
The regional planning efforts are to be funded by a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce – Economic Development Administration.
Friday night Mitch Hale, of OGE, was named chairman for the upcoming year, while Jones Mayor Ray Poland stepped down as the outgoing chairman.
Hale believes the time is now to ensure the region becomes an attractive destination to future generations through appropriate planning.
“The No. 1 thing millennials are looking at when determining where they’re going to live is the quality of place,” said Hale. “We have an opportunity to make a collective effort to increase our quality of place. Oklahoma City has the highest millennial retention in the country, and if we don’t take this opportunity to improve our quality of place we’ll be left behind.”

EOC Partnership Executive Director Tim Hight, left, thanks Jones Mayor and outgoing EOCP Chairman Ray Poland for a year of dedicated service. (Photo by Ryan Horton)

Residents of the region have a unique opportunity to have their voice heard in the planning process, explained EOC Partnership Executive Director Tim Hight. “This is going to be done with class, and we’ll be above board the entire time. We want the public’s involvement.”
The EOC Partnership says the project will act as a catalyst for business expansion, capital investment, site planning and ultimately lead to area job growth.
“EOC Partnership is committed to this exciting partnership with EDA to further support area business expansion, community infrastructure investment and site planning to attract global companies to our region,” said Hight.
Hight says when the process is complete Choctaw, Harrah, Jones, Nicoma Park, Luther and unincorporated areas of eastern Oklahoma County near the planned turnpike will have detailed comprehensive master plans.
In 2011, the EOCP was formed as a regional partnership of five cities: Choctaw, Harrah, Jones, Luther and Nicoma Park. During the last year all members supported efforts to move the partnership in the direction of a true public-private partnership in an effort to better serve the growth of the region and area businesses.
In addition to Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County working with the partnership, the EOCP has expanded to include a variety of cities, towns, businesses and nonprofits sharing in the mission of making the eastern Oklahoma County region a place of jobs, development, innovation and entrepreneurial energy.
For more information visit or call 390-GROW.

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