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Honoring Harrah: Historical Society commissions bust of city founder

During the December meeting of the Harrah Historical Society, a sculpture honoring the founder of Harrah was unveiled.

The Dec. 14 meeting had over 50 in attendance and honored local artist Ellen Gobin, her husband Jack and their daughters Kimberly and Kelly.
Gobin, a well-known mural painter, was commissioned to capture the likeness of Harrah’s founder in a sculpture to be displayed at the museum, located on Main Street.
“Jack and I are pleased to present the sculpture of the founder of Harrah, Oklahoma to the community to be housed here in the Harrah History Museum,” said Gobin. “This was my first commissioned sculpture, and it’s truly been an honor.”

Ellen and Jack Gobin with their sculpture of Frank Harrah. (Photos by Ryan Horton)

Ellen Gobin, her husband Jack and their daughters Kimberly and Kelly present the sculpture to about 50 in attendance. (Photo by Ryan Horton)

The bust took nearly five months to complete, and during that time of challenging work the artist developed a deep emotional attachment to the sculpture and even more so to the community that the Gobins have called home since 1980.
“Frank has sat on our dinner table for the last four and half months at various stages of completion. We have eaten with him and prayed over him, since August. We even had a sculpture party upon completion,” explained Gobin. “Silly as it may sound, it was difficult to let him go this week as these ladies can attest. They cried when they got him, I cried when I had to leave him.”
The sculpture is now in the care of the lady curators of the Harrah History Center, located at 20881 Main St., and can be viewed with many other Harrah artifacts and documents preserved by the volunteer-run nonprofit.
For more information call 454-6911.

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