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Disney Dreams Really Do Come True

All her life, Tuttle native Ally Campbell has loved Disney. Since before she can remember, she has been to Disney World many, many times.  Mostly because of her mother, Lori Campbell, Ally has been to Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida, and watched numerous parades march down Main Street. “One day,” she dreamed, “this could be me.” On Wednesday, December 27, 2017, her Disney dreams came true.

Ally joined the OSU Marching Band this year. She became one of many in a long line of Tuttle graduates to do so. Inspired by Tuttle Band director, Seth Boothby, Tuttle has put in multiple members of the OSU band, beginning with Jennifer Dobie, a 2010 graduate, down to the current eight that are in the band today.

Jennifer Dobie also made the trip to Florida, this time as the photographer for the Tuttle Times covering the Cowboys during the Camping World Bowl. Jennifer is the granddaughter of long time Tuttle Times sports photographer Don Snart and a former cast member at Disney World.

Ally was joined by Caitlyn Jones, Zach McLaughlin, Dustin Gorny, Lane Meyers, Zane Bates, Zach Welch, and Rebekah Routh. They joined Dawson Bassett, an OSU football player, and Coach Josh Henson, offensive line coach for the Cowboys, all Tuttle residents.

Director of OSU Bands, Dr. Douglas Henderson, also asked Cindy Jones, a Tuttle resident, to drive the truck that brought all the OSU instruments to Orlando. Including the author of this article, Cameron Dobie, that’s 13 Tuttle residents that left their foot prints on Main Street USA. Not bad for a town of 6,000 people, all tied to the OSU Football program in some way.

Said Ally Campbell, ”Disney claims to make dreams come true. My dreams came true.” Later Ally added, “I remember being a little girl and waving at the band members on parade. It was so wonderful that [Wednesday] I was the one they were waving at.” When asked about turning the corner at Cinderella’s Castle and seeing Main Street, USA., Ally Said, “I cried.”

Disney’s reputation is to everything magical. They had no reason to grant The Times access to the park and photograph the event. After all, we are a small newspaper and limited readership. But with a phone call and a few emails, Disney gave us access to the busiest park during their most busy time of year.

For a day, Tuttle was granted a king’s privilege by Disney, and the Tuttle OSU band members demonstrated royal behavior and represented their community well. For Ally and all the Tuttle members of the OSU band, it indeed was a magical day.

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    I know a Catelyn Jones, but not a Caitlyn Jones lol XD

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