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Mustang police investigating auto burglaries

By Traci Chapman
Staff Writer

Home surveillance photos posted on social media of individuals allegedly looking for unlocked vehicles during last week’s ice storm. Mustang Police Department officials are asking anyone with information about this to contact investigators.


Mustang police are asking for the public’s help in tracking down individuals who allegedly took items out of cars in the Canadian Estates addition during last week’s ice storm.

“According to video, they were in a 4-door dark pickup and went through to determine which vehicles were unlocked,” Mustang Police Chief Rob Groseclose said. “These were people who were taking advantage of knowing people wouldn’t be out in that kind of weather.”

Residents posted video and images of possible suspects in the thefts, asking for help from anyone recognizing the truck.

“This morning in Canadian Estates, two individuals got out, one came over and tried to open our car door – when it was locked, he moved on,” Traci

Foster posted. “Appears like they were going house to house looking for unlocked vehicles in driveways.”

As of press time, only two items – a handgun and an automobile valet key – were reported stolen, and it appeared only cars that were unlocked were targeted, officials said. Those officials reminded residents to always lock their vehicles, no matter where parked, to make them a more difficult target.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Mustang Police Department at 405-376-2488.

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