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Find your strength at Forged Fitness

Julie Hobbs instructs Cassidy Watson during a weight lighting session at Forged Fitness, located at 633 E. state Highway 152.

By Jess Kelsey
Managing Editor

Helping Mustang residents reach their health fitness goals, Forged Fitness is now open at 633 E. state Highway 152.

Serving as a personal training and group fitness facility, Forged Fitness caters to all fitness needs.

Julie Hobbs, trainer and owner of Forged Fitness, decided to open the facility’s doors after developing a passion for fitness during her time serving in the United State Army and as a police officer.

“Fitness is something I’ve always cared deeply about, so I decided to do it full time,” said Hobbs.

Services offered at Forged Fitness include personal training, boot camps, group fitness classes and small group power lifting, as well as nutrition assistance.

Personal training sessions are private sessions tailored to each individual client’s personal goals and skill level. Group classes, such as the boot camps, are designed to burn fat and build muscle while having a good time in the process, said Hobbs. Most skill levels are welcome to participate and exercises can be tailored to individual handicaps.

For now, participants need to be at least 13 years of age to participate in classes.

As Forged Fitness continues to grow and build clientele, Hobbs said she hopes to offer more variety of classes, including yoga. Overall, Hobbs said she wants to make Forged Fitness into a place where anyone can enjoy coming and creating a healthier lifestyle.

“My goal here is to create a family environment where everybody is encouraging everybody and there’s absolutely no judgment,” said Hobbs.

For those who may be nervous or unsure how to start their fitness journey, Hobbs said Forged Fitness is a place where people can come and feel welcomed.

“Everyone is cheering each other on, encouraging one another and very friendly. We’re a fitness family here,” said Hobbs.

Hobbs also offers the first boot camp free to new clients as a way for them to test out the facility.

“The first boot camp is always free. I encourage it,” said Hobbs. “I encourage people before they sign up to come and try it and make sure that it is something that they can and will want to continue to do.”

Client Cassidy Watson said Hobbs has helped her reach many of her own fitness goals over the past year.

“Julie is very committed to staying dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals,” said Watson. “She makes me want to show up every day.”

For those who might be interested in jump starting their fitness journey, Hobbs is offering an eight-week fitness challenge beginning Aug. 25 that will include a workoutregime and nutrition guide. The challenge will be designed to appeal to different body types and fitness goals. There will be individual winners for most weight lost, muscle gained and more.

“Everyone can benefit from it,” said Hobbs.

Forged Fitness also offers a play room for children and will soon have a male trainer on staff. Popular and high-rated supplements are also available for purchase at Forged Fitness.

Military and first responders will receive discounts at sign up, and teachers will be offered a half-off discount for the month of August as a back-to-school special.

For more information, call 405-694-3110, search Forged Fitness on Facebook, or visit

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