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Choctaw-Nicoma Park Museum established

A group of alumni have been working for several years to establish a museum dedicated to preserving the history of the Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District.
After working behind the scenes since 2015, the group is now ready to put some historic artifacts on display.
“Since becoming superintendent I’ve felt that the district just hadn’t captured history very well,” said Choctaw-Nicoma Park Superintendent Dr. Jim McCharen. “I’ve just always felt we needed to do a better job of documenting our history, and a museum is a great way to do that. Some alumni groups, mostly from the ‘60s, started the process. They’ve been raising funds and gathering artifacts.”
Volunteers have so far collected around $4,000 and a plethora of Choctaw and Nicoma Park school artifacts including yearbooks, newspaper articles, photographs, awards and more.
“Dr. McCharen had this in his head for years, and when the Class of 1965 hosted the All-Class Reunion we got the ball rolling. Your 50th reunion year your class hosts the All-Class Reunion, and we made it our mission to collect donations that year to get this thing going. Now three years have donated the proceeds of the alumni banquet,” said Class of 1965 member Barbara Shaw.
“Hopefully everything will be ready and on show for the weekend of our August reunion.”
Newly installed glass cases will allow visitors to view artifacts at the CNP Administration Office, 14300 NE 10th St., starting in early August.
“We’ve collected enough funds to buy some museum-quality cases to display artifacts at the administration office as a temporary museum site. We hope the next bond issue will allow us to create a permanent museum on the Choctaw High School campus,” explained McCharen. “Contributions to the museum can be made to Choctaw-Nicoma Park Schools, and we have a separate account earmarked as a museum fund.” 


  1. Samantha Soul and Ellison Pekar on July 28, 2018 at 8:08 am

    Class of 1966: Hello to all my fellow CNP Alumni. The museum is a great idea!
    I wanted to donate something to the museum but WHAT. So… I started going through my boxes of “forgotten lore”… AKA: Junk
    I came across my complete set of 45 rpm shorthand records. I used them to practice taking dictation; transcribing my notes; and building speed as well as accuracy. Actually I took shorthand Freshman year at Central State University in Edmond. However, shorthand is a dying art; another victim of technology. Therefore, I thought it would be an excellent artifact to include in the museum because it is something that future generations will not be aware ever existed much less be exposed to.
    No…I have not attended class reunions in a while due to my PRIDE. I am too embrassed about my appearance.
    I have Fibromyalgia with chronic pain/chronic fatigue syndrome. No…I DO NOT TAKE DRUGS FOR PAIN: AKA: opiates. I use meditation methods: breathing, meditation; and visualization to focus away from the pain. I am praying that “Medical Marijuana” has a solution for me cause I want my life back.
    I also have an equilibrium problem which causes me to fall over without any warning. After a fall in my home where I fell face first into a solid wood table doing a lot of damage to my teeth, I am too embrassed to come to a reunion.
    Consequently, I gave the 45 rpms to my Sister, Della Ellison Truel, and my brother-in-law, Michael Truel.
    Della didn’t think the Shorthand records would fit in the museum but said she thought they might be able to sell them in the Silent Auction.
    Therefore, if anyone thinks this artifact would be an appropriate donation for the CNP Museum, please contact my sister Della.
    Samantha Doylene Ellison Pekar
    Good Luck With the Museum

  2. Samantha Soul and Ellison Pekar on July 28, 2018 at 8:13 am

    I am confused??? For some reason spell check changed my middle name, Doylene, to
    Soul and. I will NEVER understand computers. They seem to have been programmed to poss people off. Or so it seems to me.
    Oh well… It is what it is.

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