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Mid-Del schools make pitch to prospective teachers

By Tonya Little
Contributing Writer

The Mid-Del School District held a teacher job fair on Tuesday night at the Carl Albert High School field house. All of the schools in the district were represented, as well as local businesses and both the Del City and Midwest City Chambers of Commerce.

“We currently have several jobs already posted for the upcoming school year, so we’re looking for teachers from all areas and age ranges and we’re specifically keying in on Special Education teachers too. We have a new incentive that we are rolling out for special education teachers and special education services where we are increasing the stipend amount,” said Dr. Jason Perez, Deputy Superintendent and Chief Human Resources Officer.

Erin Hurst, Mid-Del Schools Human Resources Coordinator, meets with guests at the district’s teacher recruiting event Tuesday at Carl Albert High School. (Photo by Stacey Boyer)

The state already requires that Special Education services receive a 5 percent stipend to their income, but Mid-Del has taken it a step further by offering a 7 percent stipend with a chance to earn an additional 3 percent based on educational opportunities.

“Right now I believe we have 30 teaching jobs posted, but that fluctuates throughout the hiring season which runs from spring through summer. Even after the event is over we are happy to welcome people if they want to come learn more about our district. They can call or email me specifically and I can help coordinate, and they can also always visit our website to see the jobs listed and have new jobs emailed directly to them,” said Dr. Perez.

The job fair had a great turnout of applicants who were interested in learning more about the Mid-Del District.

“For today’s job fair we sent information out through social media and to all the different colleges throughout the state, trying to get people to know that we have openings in Mid-Del. It’s been a really good turn out so far, every time I walk through it seems like each table has someone they are talking to about terms,” said D. Rick Cobb, Superintendent. “I think the number one thing that we have is culture. We have a family style culture in our district and people that support each other. The people who work in this school district aren’t just interested in making the schools better they are more interested in the whole district.”

The district has many things to offer besides the extra Special Education stipend, they also have maintained smaller classroom sizes, offer instructional coaches at every school, as well as counselors available at every school. The district offers students many different types of activities to round out their education and school experience.
“I’m looking for a Middle School Special Ed position, I just love working with the Special Ed kids.,’ said one applicant, Linda Hughes. “I’ve taught 13 years, I left Moore in December to help take care of my dad’s affairs after his death, and now I’m coming back. Mid-Del has always been great, I actually started my career in Jarman, so it just seems fitting.”

Many Mid-Del principals were on hand ready to meet the applicants. The principals were free to have interviews on the spot and could have a recommendation to hire immediately.

“We’re trying to be pretty flexible with the teacher fair, because we recognize now that it’s really about us being accommodating to the applicant and not waiting for the applicant just to come to us. We’re just trying to allow those principals to do whatever they need to do. If they have a great candidate, why let that person leave? Just snag them right there,” said Dr. Perez. “We get a lot of student teachers that are Mid-Del graduates who are very dedicated to the area and want to come back and teach, so if we’ve got somebody that is excited to be here and wants to do great things with kids, we’re not going to let them go, we’re going to pick them up right then and there.”

One of the principals on site talking to candidates was Wendy Eaton, of Midwest City Elementary School. She said they have two teacher openings for the next school year, and she wanted to come out and meet the applicants personally.

“We are getting to know some people who are going into teaching so we can tell them about our school and get to know them a little bit and see if it’s a good fit for them and a good fit for us,” said Eaton. “It’s a fantastic district, I came here from California, and they were just so welcoming and like a family and helpful, you just feel like you belong and that people care about you here. Mid-Del is a great place to work, so I would highly recommend if you are interested in teaching, that you come and check us out.”

You can also get onto the district website at, or contact Dr. Perez at 405-737-4461 or at for more information or to find out about available positions.

Donna Cloud, Highland Park principal, meets with guests at the school district’s teacher recruitment event on Tuesday. (Photo by Stacey Boyer)


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