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Students raise $30k during HOG Week

John Tramel attends the final assembly during Midwest City High School’s Heart of Gold Week. Students raised more than $30,000 for Tramel who is battling an aggressive form of brain cancer.

By Tonya Little
Contributing Writer

Every spring Midwest City High School comes together in what is known at HOG, or Heart of Gold Week, to help raise money for a charitable cause of their choosing. The Leadership students put their heads together to find creative and fun ways to get their whole school involved in raising money, as well as ways to include the middle schools and community at large.

The theme this year was A Heart of Gold Makes Everything Better. The students set up many different activities including a black light show, a talent show and a fashion show. They had a local snow cone stand set up and donate a percentage of the sales to the weeks total. Several students sold food in the commons area such as walking tacos, barbecue, and baked potatoes.

“This year my partner, Meagan Lancaster, and I contributed by not only setting up several donation nights at restaurants, but by organizing an entire community wide event. We contacted food trucks and even brought in inflatables,” said Ty Keith, a junior at MCHS. “We also reached out to many local businesses to donate items for a silent auction. Several other HOG Week Participants set up fun game booths to create a carnival for all to enjoy. It was an all-inclusive, fun filled night for a great cause.”

This year the money was raised for a very important man in the Mid-Del school community, John Tramel. He’s been a teacher in Mid-Del for twelve years and has touched the lives of many students. Last June he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. Tramel underwent chemotherapy to treat one of the tumors, and had another one removed a few months later. He is still required to have brain scans every few months to monitor the cancer. Unfortunately right before spring break he was told that the tumor had returned and that there was little that could be done at this point. The goal was to raise $25K, but together they raised $30,000, which will go directly to the Tramel Family.

“The most memorable moments are always the ones we experience as a school. The talent show showcased an act by our Special Bombers dancing to Cant Stop the Feeling. You could feel the happiness radiating around the room during their performance,” said Keith. “Another would be the pie-a-principal contest in which one of our principles received $700 in his jar. The person to deliver his pie to the face was none other than his daughter.”

The week is a fantastic way for the entire school to get involved in fun and memorable ways to raise money for something meaningful and real. It serves as a great learning experience for all of the students.

“My favorite part of HOG Week is the week itself. It’s amazing to me that as a community of students we all can unite under one goal: to help someone in need. The generosity and camaraderie of our school demographic is outstanding, and to think that we could even raise $30,000 is amazing. HOG Week never ceases to inspire hope in everyone involved. It truly shows the passion and determination our school has, and it definitely shows our Heart of Gold,” said Keith.

Since the recipient of the fundraiser this year is a teacher that has made such an impact through the years on students, it only made HOG week that much more memorable and meaningful.

“Many have had Mr. Tramel as a teacher. They all felt this was a great way to honor him. As I talked to my Leadership students, I learned how Mr. Tramel had made an impact on many of their lives. They talked about how he encouraged each of them to stand up for what they believe in and to never be ashamed of who they are,” said Leadership teacher Carrie Friesen. “Our HOG Royalty came up with fun ideas to raise money. We had a movie night, a community night, catered lunches for teachers, and so much more. We would like to thank all of the businesses and community members who supported HOG Week. Our kids proved this week that Bombers do have a Heart of Gold.”

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