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Get your kicks at Peaceful Warriors – Local martial arts academy teaches more than self-defense

Peaceful Warriors, located at 3597 Northwest 32nd Street in Newcastle, trains the principles of many martial arts, such as tae kwon do, judo, copiera, yoga, parkour, and much more. With belt systems and leveled progression, the academy’s instructors see to it that all of those training are getting the most they can out of it.
Cory Rose, owner/operator, teaches far more than how to fight, along with his wife Brittani and other trainers. He teaches a way to prevent the insecurity that typically causes conflict.
The way Rose puts it, “So often we worry so much about how other people see us. We don’t want people to think we’re crazy. We, generally as humans, want to be accepted. We want people to like us, and so we generate this idea in our minds of what a normal human being is like. When, in all reality, we’re all so unique and different.”
Learning how to defend one’s self allows them to take off the mask that we sometimes wear for society.
“We go out in public, and we put on these masks, and we try to pretend to be what we think normal is,” Rose said, “and then we become scared to be what we really are. We become scared to pursue the inner gifts that were given to us through our passions and our interests and the things that light our hearts on fire.”
Peaceful Warriors will learn to be proud of the pursuits they are passionate about.
“We’re scared of what other people think about our pursuits and, honestly, I think martial arts is one of those things that serves as a self-therapy,” Rose said. “Originally, it was therapy for me. As I became a teacher, I began to share that journey of building those coping mechanisms so that more people wouldn’t feel so scared to be themselves out in the world.”
Learning how to fight is nothing compared to learning one’s self.
“Yeah sure you’re going to learn how to fight while you do it,” Rose said. “You’re going to learn how to do some really cool stuff, but what it’s really about is learning how to understand your emotions, how to see through them, and be self-aware enough to understand where they’re coming from. Then, how to control your actions so that you can play the cards you were dealt, and the best way that you can.”
For more information, go online to or find “Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts” on Facebook.

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  1. Jenny Goldsmith on June 28, 2019 at 11:36 pm

    Jayson Knight you did a fabulous job writing this article. You accurately described the professionalism behind Mr. Rose and his ability to teach his students as well as his audience members sitting along the sidelines. (Yes, I do listen) Thank you for all you do Mr. and Mrs. Rose!!

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