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Choctaw quarter section rezoned

Northeast corner of NE 36th and Henney zoned residential

During the July 16 regular City Council meeting Choctaw officials unanimously voted to approve a rezone of a property located at the northeast corner of NE 36th and Henney Road.
The rezone request was submitted by Woodall Exchange, LLC and changed the zoning of the property from agricultural (A-G) to single-family residential (R-S).
The quarter section of land is located between Henney and Harper and totals just over 160 acres of un-platted land.
Following unanimous approval by the Choctaw Planning Commission, the rezone went before City Council for final approval.
Despite two neighboring residents speaking out against the potential residential development of that land, city officials voted unanimously to approve the rezone from agricultural to residential.
City Council said the rezoning fits in line with the city’s comprehensive master plan as the land to the north and south is already zoned residential.
Officials say this was simply a rezoning of the property, and any development planned for the land will have to go through the city for approval.
“This is just a rezone, and they have not submitted any development plans,” said Mayor Randy Ross. “To vote against this would expose the city to a lawsuit that we would lose, and that’s bad government.”
Choctaw’s low density residential single family homes are typically built on one acre or larger (excluding rights of way).
However, officials say the land owner is already within their rights to develop homes on as small 10,000-square-foot lots. If the developer seeks to build smaller lots further action would be required.
Regardless, a preliminary and final plat would need to be submitted to the city for approval if a residential subdivision is proposed.
The city does have an eight inch water main located 348 feet from the property at the corner of NE 36th Street and Harper so if a subdivision is built the developer would be required to extend that to the furthest end of the tract. The property is also 568 feet from the nearest sewer main, located on Cox Street.

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