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TFCU breaks ground in Choctaw

City officials and community leaders join the Choctaw Area Chamber of Commerce and Tinker Federal Credit Union officials for a groundbreaking ceremony Sept. 25. Officials say Choctaw’s TFCU branch, located 2183 Harper St., will be unlike any other TFCU branch to date with new state-of-the-art features and an innovative design. (Photo by Ryan Horton)

Community leaders joined the Choctaw Area Chamber of Commerce and Tinker Federal Credit Union officials for a groundbreaking Ceremony last Wednesday.
The Sept. 25 ceremony celebrated Choctaw’s latest commercial construction, which is expected to be a rapid development.
“Anytime we see dirt moving that’s a really great thing,” said Choctaw Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Carol Goodwin. “We’re happy to partner with TFCU, and happy to welcome you to the community.”
Crews were already at work clearing the land as a crowd gathered to officially welcome TFCU to the community.
“We have about 5,500 members that live in the Choctaw area so we’re excited about bringing them service here,” said Michael Kloiber, TFCU President/Chief Executive Officer.
“What we have needed here is a full-service facility so we’re very happy to partner with the city and community to make this happen. We think this is a great location. We’re not on 23rd Street, but we tend to attract a lot of traffic so we don’t want to be blocking a major thoroughfare. We think we have a great location, and we’re excited about being here.”
Choctaw’s TFCU branch, located 2183 Harper St., will be constructed with state-of-the-art features and an innovative design.
“This is a change for us as we’re moving to a different style of branch. This is the latest and greatest coming to Choctaw,” said Kloiber.
“The branch will be about 7,400-square-foot, which sounds kind of big, but it will have a community room that will be accessible at other hours of the day. We are also going to have a coffee shop service.”
Cyndi Beans Coffee will be setup in collaboration with the new branch.
In addition to a meeting room, coffee shop and a spacious outdoor park setting surrounding the branch, the major difference in this new style of TFCU location will be the technology being utilized.
“This is going to be different than the other branches you’ve seen, and will help us move into the future. One of the new services we’ll offer are ITMs, or Intelligent Teller Machines. You’ll see the person on the screen, but they’ll actually be at a different branch and the machine will operate like an advanced ATM. We’ll also have a service, which is like a robot, and you’ll have to come visit her or him when it’s operational,” said Kloiber. “We’ll have some electric charging stations for electric cars that will be on the road. From predictions, we’ll all be driving one of those one of these days. So we’ll have a place that you can come do your business, get some coffee, sit out in the park and charge your car while you’re here. This is very exciting. I think the park is going to be beautiful, and the facility will be wonderful.”
Tinker Federal Credit Union is the largest credit union in Oklahoma, with $3.9 billion in assets and over 386,000 members. Over 5,500 of those members live in Choctaw, and many more commute daily through the area on their way to Tinker Air Force Base.
“We’re all excited in Choctaw for such a wonderful partner to come to us,” said vice mayor Roger Malone. “We’re just excited to have TFCU in Choctaw.”

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