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Letter to the Editor: Original Milers against apartments

We don’t like being on the other side of the fence from the Mayor. We find him to be a good man and public servant of 31 years. We are Original Milers. We are neighbors and have been for many years.

I, Rick Dekat, have been in construction since 1979. I currently own my home, four (4) duplexes, and two (2) houses in the OM; all paid for. I know about construction, I know about real estate, and I know about finance. I know the history of the Original Mile. We are a community. History, significance, support for TAFB is who and what we are.

Now, I want to enter into evidence facts that are incontrovertible. It is up to you to make a choice if you tell your city council people that for this good project, they have chosen the wrong location.

The Midwest City Beacon publishes September 14, 2018 the following about Jeff Johnson’s plans to build 7 homes on vacant city-owned lots:

Midwest City is providing the following:

Lots and services to reduce the cost of development to include: Tree removal, driveway and fill dirt, shade trees, sewer improvements, water meters. The total value of the lot and services is estimated at $590,575.

I have tried to provide everyone with a piece of the trim material used on the outside of these infill homes. In four years this material will have ballooned up and be wasted. Cheapest building material on the market. The pitch on these roofs so shallow; just enough to avoid the requirement for roll roofing.

That is how cheap and shallow the infills are being done. This is junk! It should be vinyl and wrapped in aluminum.

Divide by 7. That comes to $84,367.68, and it all goes in his pocket.

My, name is Alice Copenhaver. If we wanted to live in urban America we would move. When was the last time you took a close up look at our Mile? We are healing ourselves. On every street you will see people doing various tasks, scraping in prep for painting, hanging siding, cleaning up yards and etc.

We are fixing up, taking pride in our neighborhood.

We do not need nor do we want apartments in the middle of our MILE!

The city did not do an honest traffic study what else did they do.


Alice Copenhaver and Rick Dekat
Midwest City

This letter to the editor was accidentally left out of the Feb. 7 issue of the Midwest City Beacon.

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