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Tuttle Cajun Fest June 13 at Coal Creek Vineyard and Winery

Coal Creek Vineyard and Winery, located at 210 North Sara Road in Tuttle, will host the Tuttle Cajun Fest Saturday, June 13, beginning at 3 p.m.

Tuttle Cajun Fest will be hosted by The Coal Creek Vineyard and Winery Saturday June 13. The Cajun Fest will begin serving food at 3 p.m., and could run well past dark.


Lisa Griffin, owner of The Coal Creek Vineyard and Winery, said last year’s Cajun Fest lasted until about 10 p.m.

“We’ll open at noon,” Griffin said Friday. “People usually start getting here around 1 p.m., so the lines can get pretty long. Last time, I don’t think we closed until about 10 p.m. So, we had people here all day.”

2 Cajuns Express and Food Trailer is the name of the caterers for Cajun Fest.

“They came out last year, and we’ve got them coming back this year,” she said.

“They have a restaurant as well,” Griffin said. “Not only do they have crawfish, they have gator bites, gumbo, fried fish. Sometimes they have catfish and sometimes they have cod. They have a big crawfish trailer, and last time they came out they had over 500 pounds of crawfish.

“People can just come out. We’ll have live music, if people want to bring their lawn chairs. We have plenty of tables. They can hang out on the patio and eat good food, drink good wine.“

This isn’t the only family-friendly event Coal Creek has planned. Griffin said the summer months will allow Coal Creek to take the fun outside.

“We’re just trying to look for different things to do that are family friendly,” she said. “We try to do fun stuff like that on Saturdays. Next month, we’ll start doing outdoor movies and live music on the patio.”

The Cajun Fest will also feature live music from the Katie and Kelly Country Music Duo.

“They’ve played out here before,” the Coal Creek owner/operator said. “They come out a lot for bingo. They play all kinds of genres: Country, pop, rock.”

Griffin told about another event they will be hosting at Coal Creek.

“The weekend after this, we’re actually hosting the Tuttle FOP Car Show,” she said. “Not only will we have the car show, we’ll have vendors, so it’ll be like a craft fair. There’s also food trucks. It’s another kid-friendly event. Of course, we post our events on Facebook. We update that pretty regularly.”

For more information, go to the Coal Creek Vineyard and Winery Facebook page.

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