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Vibe Beauty Bar open in Tuttle

Vibe Beauty Bar, located at 151 E. Main Street in Tuttle, opened up shop just before COVID-19 hit, and now that restrictions are being lifted, owner/operator Rachel Carter is eager to get back to work.

Carter invested in a unique salon and spa that offers a whole lot more than just haircuts.

“There’s a salon for everybody, but for our clientele, it was ours in Tuttle,” said Carter. “We do spray tans, have a lot of organic products, our aesthetician does chemical peels and lashes, henna brows, stuff that you’d have a hard time finding anywhere. We do all of it here.”

Carter wants her salon to offer something others can’t. With a qualified aesthetician, and educated, artistic cosmetologists, Vibe is able to do just that.

“I’m not sure of our price range compared to other salons, but we may be a little bit higher,” Carter said. “The idea is that you’re going to step into the salon and you’re going to get a whole lot more. Everybody here is top notch on education.

It’s beautiful in here, you’re going to feel relaxed, we have aroma therapy going when you come in, and we have wine that you can drink while you’re getting your hair done or under the dryer. It’s just a different atmosphere. We’ll be able to do so much more.”

Vibe is open Tuesday through Saturday. Call (405) 532-9520 for an appointment.     

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