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The flag still stands for freedom

By Steve Coulter

‘I thank my lucky stars

Steve Coulter, Co-Publisher

To be living here today

Cause the flag still stands for freedom

And they can’t take that away’

Those are the lyrics from the most patriot song in America. It’s Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA”.

It is performed at military and patriotic events throughout the year all across America. Even used by the Department of Homeland Security when new citizens are sworn in to the United States.

His song talks about keeping the faith and having pride In every American heart. It reminds us to remember the men who died and to remember the reasons we are free.

Greenwood says; “USA” is the song I always felt the need to write. I wanted to have something that would unite Americans from coast to coast and to instill pride back in the United States. The song represents my family, my community and those men and women who have paid the price for the freedoms we all love and enjoy.”

Celebrate America this week with “God Bless The USA” and these very patriotic songs.

“America The Beautiful” by Ray Charles, “Only in America” by Brooks & Dunn, “Surfin’ USA” by The Beach Boys, “Living in America” by James Brown, “American Pie” by Don McLean, “America” by Neil Diamond, “An American Trilogy” by Elvis Presley and Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue by Toby Keith.

And during most firework shows you’ll hear “The Stars & Stripes Forever” playing as fireworks light up the sky. It’s the official National March of the United States of America.

Here are a few powerful quotes as we celebrate our independence.


“Those who say that we’re in a time where there are no heroes…they just don’t know where to look. The slopping hills of Arlington National Cemetery with its row upon row of simple white markers bearing crosses or Stars of David. They add up to only a tiny fraction of the price that has been payed for our freedom.” – President Ronald Reagan


“May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” – Peter Marshall


“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.” –  President John F. Kennedy


“Only in America can someone start with nothing and achieve the American Dream. That’s the greatness of this country.”

– Rafael Cruz


“Sure I wave the American flag. Do you know a better flag to wave?” – John Wayne


“Our flag honors those who have fought to protect it, and is a reminder of the sacrifice of our nations founders and heroes. As the ultimate icon of America’s storied history, the Stars and Stripes represents the very best of this nation.” – Joe Barton


Some important facts about Old Glory

On July 1969, Neil Armstrong placed the first U.S. flag on the moon, as part of the Apollo 11 mission, the first manned landing.

After a tragedy or death, the flag is flown at half staff for 30 days. It’s called “half staff” on land, and “half mast” on a ship.

The colors of the flag have meaning. Red stands for valor. White symbolizes purity and innocence. Blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.

An American flag should never touch the floor or the ground.

During the rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Men should remove their hats, holding them over their hearts with their right hands. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute.

This 4th of July remember the sacrifices made by those who came before us. Honor the flag and thank our Hometown Heroes.

The flag still stands for freedom and it’s time we stand up and defend her still today.



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