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Exploring the Kansas School Cemetery

A first-hand look at eastern Oklahoma County’s Kansas Cemetery

By Maxine Wheelan
Staff Writer

Mr. Dennis Sizemore, curator of eastern Oklahoma County’s Kansas Cemetery met with Mr. Galen Culver of Oklahoma News Channel 4 to give Oklahoma a first-hand look at a cemetery almost forgotten.

Galen Culver, News Channel 4, and Dennis Sizemore at the Kansas Cemetary.

Approximately five years ago, Mr. Sizemore located the cemetery and since that time it has been a working project for him.  He had a grave finder come to the site and located many of the graves, which he marked them with small white crosses at each grave site. There are 46 recorded graves.

The first recorded grave was L.C. Griffes, wife of S. Griffes, October 19, 1841 to April 2, 1890.  Many others are recorded with markers at each of them.

Mr. Sizemore cleared the area and located where the Kansas School was located by part of a foundation as well as the water well. A Class Photo has been encased in glass to preserve it and for everyone to see.

A view of the Kansas Cemetary. (PHOTO BY MAXINE WHEELAN)

Mr. Culver was very impressed with all the work and love of the area that Mr. Sizemore has exhibited over the past five years.

The three crosses with the light at night on the center cross are the latest addition that was always his goal.

He is seriously thinking of restoring a building where the Kansas School stood at one time.  Any carpenters in the area that want a project should check with him.

He is pleased with any help that residents do such as adding flowers to many of the graves. He has made special parking places for visitors.

A special thanks to Mr. Daniel Block of Block Concrete for donating the chat in the driveway.

The Kansas Cemetery can be visited at any hour and as it is not located in any city but only in Oklahoma County, it belongs to everyone.

The cemetery is located on SE 15th Street between Triple X Road and Pebbly Road.

For information on how you can help and learn more of the history of the cemetery, contact Mr. Sizemore at 405-826-4576.

A view of the Kansas Cemetary. (PHOTO BY MAXINE WHEELAN)



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  1. TERESA OROSCO on May 25, 2021 at 12:40 pm

    Thank you Mr. Sizemore

  2. RALPH B HAWKINS on May 16, 2023 at 4:30 pm

    I remember seeing the story on Galen Culver’s IS THIS A GREAT STATE OR WHAT three years ago, and just today I finally visited the little cemetery. Thank you Dennis Sizemore for taking care of it for everyone to enjoy.

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