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Del City improves fire protection rating

By Jeff Harrison
Managing Editor

Some homeowners in Del City will see their insurance rates decrease due to improved safety ratings for the city’s fire protection.

Chief Brandon Pursell last week announced that the department improved its Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating to a 2 from a previous rating of 3. He said the improved rating is a testament to the city’s investment in the fire department, 911 communication system and the water distribution system.

Del City purchased two new fire trucks. (Photo by Anthony Thomas)

“We are extremely pleased with our recent assessment and the final rating of the survey to an ISO 2,” said Pursell in a statement. “This validates the City’s commitment to providing excellent fire protection to the community by having a well-equipped fire apparatus fleet, well-trained firefighters, an outstanding water distribution system, and an effective 911 communications center.  We saw improvement in all areas from our last assessment and proud of the hard work from a lot of people in the City to make this happen.”

Mayor Floyd Eason said he was delighted in the achievement and thanked city employees for their cooperation and dedication to public safety.

“I’m proud of the teamwork between Fire Department, Police Department, and Public Works,” Eason said in a news release. “…All working together to achieve this remarkable accomplishment for the citizens of Del City. The City Council and I are especially proud of the leadership in our fire department.”

Del City recently underwent an evaluation from ISO to assess the city’s structural fire suppression delivery system. Areas of evaluation included the fire department, the 911 communications center, the City’s water distribution system and the City’s community risk reduction.

Ratings are issued on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the best. The ISO provides statistical and claims-related information to serve insurers, regulators and other risk managers in the property-casualty insurance market.

Del City’s ISO rating has steadily improved over the past 10 years. In 2010, Del City’s ISO rating was a 4, then improved to a 3 in 2015, and to a 2 this year.

The new ISO rating will go into effect December 1, 2020.  Each insurance company independently determines the premiums it charges to its policyholders.  Citizens are encouraged to contact their property insurance agent to see if there is a positive impact on their insurance premiums.

Del City is one of 1,729 communities across the nation with an ISO rating of 2.

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