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Bandana Red’s Grill needs a new name

Community to vote on new name

Bandana Red’s Grill has been a Staple Café in the Choctaw and surrounding community for almost 18 years.

It has enjoyed the fantastic support of this community for a long time and we hope to continue that as we are seeing new faces at Bandana Red’s Grill every day, especially on Friday’s for All YouCan Eat Catfish. The restaurant, as some may remember, used to be called Nana and Papaw’s. When Steve and LaDonna took over they engaged the community in a renaming contest and it was You, the community who came up with the new name, Bandana Red’s Grill.

Pick up a paper issue of the Choctaw Times to find this ballot good for 10% off your meal.

Steve and LaDonna Bradshaw poured their hearts into Bandana Red’s and made it a place anyone can feel welcome, comfortable, pull up a chair and fill their belly. The restaurant grew under their fine leadership and I am confident that it will continue to grow.

Steve and LaDonna Bradshaw were easily recognizable faces in our community as they not only owned and operated Bandana Red’s Grill in Choctaw but they also owned Bandana Red’s

Steakhouse in Shawnee. Many of our customers are guests at both restaurants.

Steve was a well-known and respected auto mechanic and self-taught musician who brought music and entertainment to the stage right outside the front door in Choctaw. They brought a lot of heart into this community and Steve will be missed after passing just last year.

LaDonna Bradshaw, Steve’s beautiful bride, became the face of Bandana Red’s Grill and continued to manage and run it while taking care of Steve at home as his health continued to decline. Sean Bradshaw, Steve’s son, stepped in several years ago to manage and operate Bandana Red’s Steakhouse in Shawnee. It has also grown under his fine operational and guest service oriented talents.

LaDonna continued to run Bandana Red’s after Steve passed and started to think about her retirement. That day came about September 1st, 2020.

LaDonna told guests and posted on Facebook that she would be retiring and turning over the reins of this fine café and Grill to a couple whom she thought would be the best fit for future growth.

LaDonna had dreams of travel and we wish her well on her journey’s but hope she will make an occasional cameo appearance to let us know how she’s doing and just to say Hi.

The new owners of Bandana Reds Grill in Choctaw, John and Kellie Haley took over September 1st and are very excited to see the growth in the Choctaw area. They haven’t changed any of your favorite menu items at Bandana Reds nor the fresh homemade pies. Nothing has changed that Steve and LaDonna created to make this family favorite restaurant a destination location. However, with the two restaurants under different owners, part of the contract for purchase insisted on a name change for Bandana Red’s Grill in Choctaw.

This is where you, our guest, our community and our friends, come in. Bandana Reds Grill needs and wants your ideas for a new name. We will be posting a ballot in The Choctaw Times weekly that you can fill out and turn in at Bandana Red’s Grill, no purchase necessary.

All ballots will be collected and members of the staff of The Choctaw Times and community will be on a board to find the new name by December 31st 2020.

We hope to have a new sign up by Jan 15th 2021.

Will you help Bandana Reds Grill find its new name?

As the new owners of Bandana Reds, we, John and Kellie have appreciated your support as we have transitioned into our new role.

We look forward to serving you and this community for many years to come. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hopefully from the bottom of your clean plate!



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