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Honey Festival tomorrow in Minco, starts at 9 am

Jimmy Ross is pictured leading a tour through the Ross Honey Co. plant at a previous Honey Festival. The honey plant will not have tours this year, but they will have lots else to offer.

Honey Festival Saturday in Minco

By Jayson Knight

Jimmy Ross, owner/operator of Ross Honey Company in Minco, discussed Saturday the changes that will be made to this year’s Honey Festival.  The festival is hosted each year by the Minco Chamber of Commerce.

There won’t be any tours of the honey plant this year, but Ross Honey Co. will be selling honey. Ross Honey Company has a Facebook page where patrons can get a look at what the honey plant will have to offer for this year’s festival, which will be held Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Minco.

“We’re going to set up out front of the building,” Ross said. “We’ll have tables out there with people selling. We’ll just carry the gifts and the honey out that they want. We’re also posting all the pictures of the gifts and stuff on Facebook so people can kind of shop before they come, if they desire.

“There’s over 70 vendors coming, and they’re going to be lined down Main Street, which is only half a block from the honey plant, so it’s easy walking distance. There’ll be plenty of space for parking. I think Lucas is going to be set up at the honey plant lot with his banjo.”

Jimmy’s son Lucas Ross is an actor/comedian who regularly appears on KFOR, and always brings his banjo to the Honey Festival to provide some entertainment. Ross Honey Co. is located at 109 Belle Street in Minco.

Ross talked about what got the festival going, what to expect weather-wise, and said the 30th Annual Honey Festival will be held regardless of what happens.

“It’s supposed to be like a Christmas festival to get people to shop locally for Christmas.

“The weather it looks like it’s going to be pretty nice. Not windy, and the sun will be shining. It’ll be about 50 degrees. The year before last, it was like 70 degrees. We’ve had some miserable days. In our eleventh year, we had an ice storm that hit at 3 a.m. and you couldn’t even drive into town. We still had a lot of people come in the afternoon. We’re going to have a festival regardless of what happens.”

There will be free food samples, milk, chocolate milk, and cheese provided by Braum’s Dairy and Minco Chamber of Commerce located at City Hall, downtown Minco.

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