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Corbin named District Coach of the Year

Yellowjackets honored by District 6A-II-2

By Ryan Horton
Managing Editor

District 6A-II-2 has made All-District Team selections and the Yellowjackets were well represented.

Choctaw head coach Jake Corbin talks to his Yellowjackets after claiming the school’s first silver ball.

Coach Jake Corbin was named Coach of the Year, while Terrill Davis was named Offensive Player of the Year.

Corbin led Choctaw through a historic season that ended three points shy of Bixby in the state final, 17-14.

It was the first trip to the championship game since 1960, and the first time ever for Choctaw to finish No. 2. The state champion Spartans were the only team in Oklahoma to defeat Choctaw as the Yellowjackets went undefeated at home, 7-0.

Corbin says all credit goes to his coaching staff and phenomenal players.

Wide receivers Chase Jackson, Wes Zeigler and Davis were listed on the All-District Team.

Offensive linemen Justin Brown and Daven Evans also made the prestigious lineup.

Linebackers Donnie Wingate and Elijah Wilder mad All-District.

As did defensive backs Rob Ellis, Chris Parker, Gabe Lopez and Jordan Mukes.

Choctaw’s Terrill Davis makes a big run in the state final. (PHOTO BY JEFF HARRISON)

All-District Team

Quarterbacks: Mason Williams, Bixby; Dakota McAroy, Putnam West; Paxton Bratford, Bartlesville; Nate Harbeson, Ponca City.

Running Backs: Jaheim Butler, Putnam West; Dylan McCoy, Bartlesville; Ben Klanica, Ponca City.

Wide Receivers: Jackson Rogers, Bixby; Isaac Gibson, Bixby; Antonio Zapata, Muskogee; Chase Jackson, Choctaw; Wes Zeigler, Choctaw; Terrill Davis, Choctaw; Jamon Sisco, sand Springs; Jalen Teague, Booker T. Washington; Denim Jackson, Putnam West; Draven Montesano, Putnam West; Malachi Rushing, Putnam North; Sam McKinney; Triston Cunningham, Ponca City.

Offensive Linemen: Caleb Townsend, Bixby; Justin Brown, Choctaw; Daven Evans, Choctaw; Josh Baskins, Booker T. Washington; Elijah Whitaker, Booker T. Washington; Wesley Kapple, Putnam West; Curtis Fodor, Bartlesville; Landon Varner, Ponca City; Josiah Bosworth, Ponca City; H.B. Bowers- Ponca City.

Defensive Linemen: Drew Shortess, Bixby; Ethan Watkins, Bixby; Isaac Sherman, Bixby; Macqeilen Ware, Bixby; JaRighteous Evans, Sand Springs; Lane Webster, Sand Springs; Jaden Brown, Booker T. Washington; Donald Benjamin, Putnam West; Reginald Berry, Putnam west; Rico Broussard, Putnam West; Michael Brown, Putnam West; Colton Green, Bartlesville; Jack Blevins, Bartlesville; James Godfrey, Ponca City.

Linebackers: Nick Wedel, Bixby; Donnie Wingate, Choctaw; Elijah Wilder, Choctaw, Ethan Grogan, Booker T. Washington; Braeden Winters, Bartlesville; Max Munoz, Bartlesville; Rocky Shuman, Bartlesville.

Defensive Backs: Tanner Doyle, Bixby; Senecca Collins, Muskogee; Rob Ellis, Choctaw; Chris Parker, Choctaw; Gabe Lopez, Choctaw; Jordan Mukes, Choctaw; Keuan Parker, Booker T. Washington; Ahmad Scott, Booker T. Washington; KeSean Sadler, Putnam West; Darius Washington, Putnam West; Jensen Laws, Bartlesville; Devon Beck, Bartlesville.

Special Teams: Zach Heinen, Sand Springs; Adam Carey, Booker T. Washington; Spencer Ball, Ponca City.

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Jaden Brown, Booker T. Washington.

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Josh Baskin, Booker T. Washington.

Iron Man of the Year: Brandon Winters, Bartlesville.

Purple Heart of the Year: Caleb Webb-Muskogee; Tyyee Atkinson, Sand Springs; Caleb Perry, Bartlesville.

Special Teams of the Year: Dylan McCoy, Bartlesville.

Defensive Player of the Year: Sange Whitehorn, Sand Springs.

Offensive Player of the Year: Terrill Davis, Choctaw.

Coach of the Year: Jake Corbin, Choctaw.



  1. Kevin Rone on December 10, 2020 at 7:49 pm

    The name for the third linebacker for choctaw is Ethan Rone you totally messed up his last name!

  2. Kevin Rone on December 10, 2020 at 7:50 pm

    Sorry read it wrong

  3. Monty Gavin on December 11, 2020 at 7:01 pm

    I have so much respect for Coach Corbin. He not only knows football, he knows and cares for young people. He is a great example.

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