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Primo named Choctaw Area Chamber Chair

By Ryan Horton
Managing Editor


John Primo

The Choctaw Area Chamber of Commerce has selected John Primo as Chair for the 2021 Chamber Board of Directors.

Primo serves as Vice President of IT for Rose State College, and actively serves as an adjunct professor of U.S. History.

In addition to other duties, he is the college’s liaison to the Choctaw Area Chamber, and has served on the Chamber Board of Directors since 2015.

John is a military veteran of the U.S. Air Force Reserves, and is a published award-winning author of genre fiction as Jaz Primo.

The Chamber Board of Directors are made up of members who have volunteered their time to help set the direction for our organization and ensure the financial stability of the Chamber.

“Each year, the office of Chamber Chair rotates, and we are excited to have John serving in this role for 2021!” said President/CEO Carol Goodwin.

How is the Chamber Organized?

The Choctaw Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to preserving and expanding the private enterprise system and the personal freedoms and responsibilities that accompany it. Members are at the top of the organization. They are the strength of our organization – both as stockholders and the principal customers of the Chamber of Commerce.

General direction and policies are set by a Board of Directors elected by and answerable to the investors. The Board is composed of business and professional people from various sectors of the community who are members of the Chamber.

An Executive Committee is composed of the officers – Chairman, Chairman Elect, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and immediate past chair and President/CEO. The committee acts for and on behalf of the Board when not in session and is answerable to the Board for its actions. The President/CEO is a full – time staff of professional and carries out day-to-day operations.

Utilizing sound business practices, they coordinate the efforts of the many volunteers who make the Chamber work, and these professionals are available to you daily for assistance. Investors in the Chamber work through various committees and task forces. You are encouraged to be part of the action by voicing your opinion and ideas, and to participate in the work of these committees.


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For more about Primo’s award-winning fiction wiring visit JAZPRIMO.COM


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