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3 new City Councilmembers elected

By Ryan Horton
Choctaw Times

13 percent of eligible voters weigh in on Choctaw leadership


Voters in three of the City of Choctaw’s six wards selected new representation last Tuesday.

April 6 incumbents were defeated in Ward 2 and 4, while Ward 6 selected a new face to fill that seat after the incumbent’s term expires.

In Ward 2 Brent Pendergraft took 55 percent of the vote to defeat incumbent Mike Birdsong, 99-81.

Donna Morris captured 65.29 percent of the vote to defeat incumbent Roger Malone and Art Sipes in Ward 4. Morris secured 111 votes, while Malone had 51. Sipes had announced his withdrawal and support of Morris, but still received eight votes.

Rick Modisette won the open seat with 47.59 percent of the ballots in Ward 6, while Donald Judson (38.62%) and Sean Lynch (13.79%) split the other votes. Modisette had 69 votes, Judson captured 56 and Lynch received 20.

Seven citizens serve on the City Council with six elected by ward and the Mayor elected at large, each for a four-year term.

Only residents of Choctaw’s Ward 2, 4 and 6 were eligible to vote in the April 6 municipal election.

By the end of the day, just over 13 percent of those eligible registered voters cast ballots to determine their representation on the Choctaw City Council.

In the Ward 2 election 14 percent of the ward’s registered voters showed up at the polls.

Choctaw’s Ward 4 had 12.6 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

In Choctaw’s Ward 6, 12.8 percent of registered voters came out to weigh in during the April 6 election.

The next election to determine city officials will be in 2023 when the job of mayor and representatives for odd numbered wards will once again be determined by voters.

The Council meets publicly on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. The City Council chambers are located at Choctaw City Hall, 2500 North Choctaw Road.

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