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Tuttle Education Foundation holding Cinco de Mayo event at Coal Creek

Despite all that has happened in the world in the last year, the Tuttle Education Foundation was able to continue doing what they do, which is donating thousands of dollars to teachers for the sake of their classrooms.

The TEF has an annual tradition of making more grant money available to Tuttle teachers every year.

Teachers put together a proposal to the TEF, and the TEF board decides which grants to approve based on certain criteria.

The teachers that had their proposals approved this year are Ron Welch, Stacie Baumann, Chuck Siegman, Shannon Mize, Norma Jones, Matt Crumley, Lance Cobb, Donna Windsor, Cindy Garrett, Madison Burtcher, Lana Kinsey, Denise Phelps, Corey Lennier, Cheyanne Jones, Meghan Honeycutt, Chantel Watford, Mona Litterell, Kasey Saunders, Laurie Bainum, Michelle Lingle, Amanda Kerr, Jennifer DeWitt, Stephanie Sharp, Kaylee Berryhill, Pam Carel, Angela Flanary, Stacy Bauer, Shelley Overholt, and Kari Robertson.

Shelley Overholt is not only a teacher, but a TEF Board Member. Monday, she said that thanks to the community’s generous donations, the TEF was able to give out $27,000 in grants this year. That’s up from the $22,000 the TEF gave out last year.

“We just keep going up because we can see the needs there,” Overholt said, “and more and more teachers are aware of the program, and are taking advantage. It’s been wonderful for us, teachers, as well as for the students that benefit from really neat activities, and the extracurriculars that are a little more expensive than what the school can offer.”

Overholt said that some new board members have brought some fresh ideas.

They are Maranda Davis, Lainie Cocannouer, Stacey Taylor and Jennifer Traxler.

“We’ve got some new blood in there,” Overholt said. “They bring a lot of new fresh ideas to the Organization.”

TEF has a Cinco de Mayo event Wednesday, May 5 at Coal Creek, which is located at 210 North Sara Road in Tuttle. The event starts at 6 p.m.Tickets are $50.

“We’ll have great food, and we will have lots of great auction items and a lot of fun, as always,” Overholt said.

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