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Man allegedly knocks wife’s tooth loose in Bridge Creek

Michael James Powell, 40, was arrested Friday, April 23 for Domestic Abuse-Assault & Battery.

At around 9:30 that morning, Grady County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Corey Loftice was dispatched to Bell’s Market in Bridge Creek on a report of a domestic assault.

Upon arrival, Sgt. Loftice spoke with the victim, who said that prior to calling 911, she was at her residence with her husband, Powell.

According to the deputy’s report, the victim stated Mr. Powell had accused her of infidelity, and the two of them were arguing. During the argument, she claimed that Mr. Powell flipped over the chair she was sitting in, and pinned her between the chair and the wall. At that time, Mr. Powell then placed one of his hands on her face area, pressing her head into the ground. She said that while Mr. Powell used one hand to pin her head to the floor, he punched her with a closed fist two times in her face with his other hand.

Sergeant Loftice observed obvious swelling around and above her left eye, consistent with being punched. She also stated that one of the punches knocked loose her tooth, and Sergeant Loftice observed at least one tooth on the left side of her mouth, on the upper row of teeth to have been knocked loose from her gums. The tooth was still in place, but it was clear that the tooth had been pushed back, and there was fresh redness and light bleeding to the gum area around the tooth. 

A domestic abuse lethality assessment was then performed on the victim. She was then put in contact with ICAN via cell-phone to speak with a

 victim’s advocate. She advised the victim’s advocate, as well as Sergeant Loftice, that she had somewhere safe to go, and would not be returning home until Mr. Powell was in custody and it was safe to do so.

At that time, Sergeant Loftice then went to the Powell residence in an attempt to make contact with Mr. Powell. When he arrived, he observed an area in the fresh mud which appeared to have been disturbed by a physical altercation that contained hand, foot, and smeared prints.

About five feet away from the mud, there were multiple fresh spots of blood on the front porch area. No lights were on inside the residence, and the only sounds emitting from inside were barking dogs. Sergeant Loftice made multiple attempts to make contact with Mr. Powell or anybody inside the residence, but was not successful. As he departed the Powell residence, he advised dispatch he would have charges on Mr. Powell for domestic abuse. 

On the following Saturday approximately 10 a.m., GCSO Lieutenant Phillip McCarthey located Mr. Powell. When he was located, Mr. Powell was transported to the Grady County Jail to be booked in.

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