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TPD Officer’s family fighting cancer

During the winter ice storm in late February earlier this year, an 8-year-old boy, Micheal Dixon Jr., was rushed to the emergency room in pain and without the ability to walk.
Almost two weeks later, it was determined that Micheal had b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The doctor informed Micheal’s mother, Chaundra Dixon, that she would not be able to work, as Micheal would need 24 hour care for the next 8 months, at least.
Without work, the family is left in a tricky financial situation, due to Chaundra being a single mother and sole provider for her children.
Even though she didn’t expect this sudden change in her and her family’s lives, she has made it into an opportunity to educate others, and help people in similar circumstances.
“My whole world shattered,” Chaundra said in her Gofundme description. She remained with her son as he was given treatment. Unfortunately, Michael spent his 9th birthday receiving chemotherapy in the hospital.
Tuttle Police Officer Kortney Terrell reached out to bring awareness to his family’s hardships. He is Chaundra’s brother. One way to help is going to to donate bone marrow, which replenishes very quickly.
“It’s something that for somebody that’s healthy, it will replenish very quickly for them. So you’ll be able to donate more than expected,” said Officer Terrell.
“Because of his ethnicity, they’re saying that he has a 23 percent chance of getting a match, just because there’s not a lot of African Americans getting on there and putting their information down.
“We’re just trying to find his match, but they believe it’s more likely that he would be a match with an African American, but it doesn’t have to be an African-American to have that same bone marrow match.
“If you register under his information, they will keep your information as far as what bone marrow type you are so, if you do have some, for other people, then they’ll call you and tell you that your bone marrow matches with this individual, and they’ll ask if you would you like to donate.”
“They reside in Texas, but our whole family’s from Chickasha. They did a news article about it, and they also have a GoFundMe for him.”
The GoFundMe in question has a goal of $40,000, currently at $15,903 with 206 donations.
“I definitely understand this has been a difficult year for several people,” Chaundra said, “so if you are unable to donate, a small prayer holds just as much value as the dollar sign and that would mean so much to my son and me.”

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