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Del City increases employee pay

By Anthony Thomas
Midwest City Beacon

The City of Del City has increased pay for its entry level positions and veteran employees. On July 19, the council unanimously passed a three percent increase for positions levels G-1 to G-6 and increased longevity pay for long term employees.

Both pay increases went into effect immediately.

“We have had a lot of retirements lately, so the city wants to reward those employees that stay a long time. All the pay increases are for entry level jobs and that’s because that’s where we’re needing new hires,” said Del City Mayor Floyd Eason.

Longevity pay is paid as a bonus each year an employee stays near the time of their anniversary with the city. Previously, employees received an additional $30 each year. They will now receive $50 each year. The minimum payment after five years of service will now be $250 per year plus the additional $50 each year. These increases will cost the city about $18,000 annually.

The pay increases do not apply to elected officials. The pay for elected officials has not been raised from $100 per month since around 1950.

Some entry level jobs include clerk/receptionist, crew worker, department secretary, animal control officer, code enforcement officer, crew chief, chief code enforcement officer, assistant to the City Manager, building inspector, and court clerks.

With a 3% increase, most employees that fall in levels G-1 to G-6 will see around a $1,000 pay increase per year. The pay increase will cost the city about $122,000 annually.

Before passing the increases, the Council and other city leaders crunched the numbers to confirm it would be a fiscally secure move.

The primary driver for the pay increase is due to eight entry level positions that are vacant now. The city is looking for building inspectors, chief building inspectors, deputy court clerks, crew workers-parks, light equipment operators-sewer line maintenance, plant operators-waste water treatment plant, water treatment plant operators, and customer cashiers.

“With so many companies increasing pay we felt the city needed to as well to stay competitive. We want to give an incentive for people to work for Del City. Our goal is to keep the great employees we already have and attract fresh quality workers to the city,” Eason said.

For more information about the job openings, visit City Hall Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm or visit city’s website at

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