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Del City Police Department takes home Christmas Cup

The Del City Police Department was presented with the first ever Christmas Cup for the best decorations. Pictured from left. Mayor Floyd Eason, Christi Tasker, Dept. Chief Lloyd Burger, Chief Robinson, Micheal Dean, Ms.Dean, Stacy Frietas. Photo by Anthony Thomas

DCPD wins first annual Christmas Cup competition

By Anthony Thomas
Midwest City Beacon

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Del City, if not a little too alive. Christmas is a time of love, joy, caring, and most importantly over the top decorations. For the past month, a Christmas decoration battle has been raging but finally, one has risen above the rest and claimed the coveted Christmas Cup, the Del City Police Department.

What started as a friendly competition between the fire department, police department, city hall, and community center quickly escalated into a fierce battling involving employees, first responders, and the community.

For years, there has been a citywide competition for the best décor in Del City and the fire department has dominated. This year Del City Mayor Floyd Eason wanted to encourage some spirited competition between the fire department and police department. That is when city hall and the community center decided to join in on the fun.

Thus began the Christmas Cup.

“This all started because I wanted to see a little friendly competition between the Police Department and Fire Department. The staff at City Hall caught onto it and wanted to participate. Then the Community Center wanted to join in. So, we just made it a four-way contest,” said Eason.

Each municipal building was assigned a council member and a couple of members of the beautification committee to assist them in their decorations. In the case of the Police Department, Councilman Michael Dean was their partner, who when the winner was announced played the song, “We are the Champions.”

Residents voted on social media and ballot boxes located at the buildings for their favorite and the police ran away with it.

“Thank you to the beautification committee. The citizens who came out to help. Our watch groups helped in this. It was a great team effort that is what made this possible. Merry Christmas,” said Del City Police Chief Steve Robinson.

In recent weeks, the competition ramped up on social media when the fire department created a Del City police officer in a window on the upper floor of the fire department needing to be rescued. From that point on the police department, fire department, and city hall began going at each other on social media with memes and one-liners.

“This has been a lot of fun and I appreciate the spirit you have taken when you accepted the challenge. You knocked it out of the park. It’s been a great event,” said Eason.

The police department will now have their name etched into the coveted Christmas Cup trophy as the first winners. The fire department and city hall both very proudly said next year will be there a year.

Mayor Eason presented Chief Robinson, Deputy Chief Loyd Berger, Councilman Dean, Stacy Freitas, and Christi Tasker with the Christmas Cup at Monday’s city council meeting.

The Del City Police Department won the first ever Christmas Cup award for its holiday display. Photo by Anthony Thomas

The Del City Police Department won the first ever Christmas Cup award for its holiday display. Photo by Anthony Thomas

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