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Candidates file for upcoming elections

Jack Stewart files before deadline, but is running for a new position. Multiple candidates are running for District 3 County Commissioner to be his replacement. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

Between April 13-15, all candidates running for county, state, legislative, judicial, district attorney and federal offices were required to file for the position they are running for in the election later this year.

Here is what we know after the filing period concluded.

Matt Wehmuller, a Republican, was the only person to file for Canadian County Assessor and Jay K. Arnold was the only candidate to file for Canadian County Treasurer according to the Oklahoma State Election Board filing portal.

County Commissioners District No. 1 has two candidates for the position. Marc Hader, the republican incumbent candidate, will run against republican candidate Tom Manske.

County Commissioners District No. 3 is similar. Republicans Robert Merrick and Tracey Rider are vying for the seat. Canadian County Commissioner for District 3, Jack Stewart, won’t be retaining the role. He is running against Hunter Zearley for District 18 State Senator.

Stewart is running for the new senate seat brought to the Yukon area. The seat used to be in the eastern part of the state, but the incumbent for the spot has termed out.

“It’s a new opportunity,” Stewart said. “In 12 years of experience in doing this, it’s just a chance to move on in a different level. It’s not that I’m looking as it being moving up… I love being a county commissioner. I’ve loved everything I’ve done.”

Stewart reiterated his enjoyment for the job as County Commissioner and said the Senate seat is a new opportunity for himself and the citizens. He said he isn’t going in with a planned agenda other than transportation.

Stewart, who used to work at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, said his goal is to improve the transportation and infrastructure.

Republicans Markwayne Mullin, T.W. Shannon, Alex Gray, Nathan Dahm, Luke Holland, Adam Holley, Jessica Jean Garrison, Laura Moreno, Michael Coibion, Scott Pruitt, Paul Royse, John F. Tompkins and Randy J Grellner filed for the United States Senator seat previously belonging to Jim Inhofe.

Libertarian Robert Murphy, Democrat Kendra Horn and Independent Ray Woods are also running for the position.

Incumbent for the other U.S. Senate seat, James Lankford, will run against two Republicans (Jackson Lahmeyer and Joan Farr), Libertarian Kenneth D. Blevins, Independent Michael L. Delaney and six Democrats (Jason Bollinger, Madison Horn, Arya Azma, Brandon Wade, Dennis L. Baker and Jo Glenn).

Frank Lucas is running for U.S. Representative in District 3. He is challenged by Republican candidates Wade Burlson and Stephen Butler. Jeremiah A Ross is also running as a Democrat.

Attorney General John O’Connor is running for reelection, too. He is challenged by Gentner F. Drummond (Republican) and Lynda Steele (Libertarian).

Bob Hughey and Rachel Bussett are running for Canadian County Associate District Judge.

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