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American Legion helps recognize employees of the year

Breanna Cecil was awarded City Employee of the Year at the City Council Meeting.

Jonathan Sprague receiving Firefighter of the Year Award at Mustang’s City Council meeting.

Deputy Chief Mike Wallace receives Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award on May 2.

By Jacob Sturm

Mustang Times

Members of the American Legion, alongside Police Chief Rob Groseclose, Fire Chief Craig Carruth and Julie Slupe helped present the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, Firefighter of the Year and the City Employee of the Year at the Mustang City Council meeting.

Deputy Chief Mike Wallace received the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award. Wallace has worked with the Mustang Police Department in February of 1999. He was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief in 2016.

“Deputy Chief Wallace is truly my right-hand man and always goes above and beyond what’s expected,” Groseclose said. “He has a passion for doing and caring for others, which makes him the perfect fit for his role in police administration.”

“He’s always there for everyone, me included, even on his busiest days,” Groseclose said. “Mike makes time for each and every employee here at Mustang PD, assuring council, wisdom and support for all employees here at the Mustang Police Department.”

Wallace served as Acting Chief of Police from October through December of 2021. Groseclose was away at school for that time period, and Wallace stepped in and filled the role during Groseclose’ absence.

“I am truly thankful for that opportunity that you allowed me to have,” Groseclose said.

Jonathan Sprague was presented the Firefighter of the Year award.

Sprague began his career as a volunteer with the Piedmont Fire Department and transitioned into a full-time career with the Mustang Fire Department in 2006. He was promoted to the rank of Captain in March 2018. He was also named EMS Coordinator in 2018.

“Over the course of his career, Captain Sprague has invested himself into this department and community,” Carruth said.

Throughout his career, Sprague has obtained his Associate’s Degree in Municipal Fire Protection from Oklahoma State University, he is a nationally registered paramedic, a graduate of the Oklahoma Executive Officer Leadership Program, a National Fire Academy alumnus, a member of Oklahoma Task Force One (Special Rescue Team) and a member of the Oklahoma Police and Fire Bridge 14.

“These are just a few of his many accomplishments throughout his career,” Carruth said. “As a top-quality paramedic, Cpt. Sprague has been vital in the quality and standard of care the Mustang Fire Department delivers on a daily basis.”

Julie Slupe, The Mustang Library Director, presented Breanna Cecil with the Mustang City Employee of the Year award.

Cecil started with the Mustang Public Library in June of 2015 as a part-time shelfer. Slupe said Cecil did a great job in the role, leading to the employees recognizing her willingness to go above and beyond to learn new things.

In May of 2019, Cecil was promoted to Circulation Clerk. Slupe said she has flourished in the position. She is a resident of Tuttle and a graduate of Tuttle High School.

“Beside her regular duties, she has taken on designing and implementing appealing visual displays for several areas of the library,” Slupe said. “Breanna is dependable, and takes on new tasks with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.”

The Audience and City Council gave a standing ovation for all three recipients of these awards. The American Legion also gave each recipient a coffee mug to go along with each presentation.


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