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Mustang student scores 36 on ACT

John Cady scored a 36 after three previous ACT attempts.

By Jacob Sturm

John Cady really wanted to break through the toughest of walls when he took the ACT test for the fourth time in his high school career.

Cady estimated the dates of his three previous attempts to being April 2020, October 2020 and then once over the summer of 2021.

High scores are not unusual for Cady. He originally tested at a 34 overall, then received 35’s on the following two tests before landing at the 36 in this past round of testing.

“On the third test I took, I could specifically remember that I was doing the Science section and I was going back through it and I noticed there was a question that I had done wrong, and right before I could change it they called time,” Cady said. “This time, I was able to go back and check my work on most of the sections.”

A 36 puts Cady in the 99th percentile of about 2 million test takers.

There is some buffer on the results adding up to a 36. Cady said he just barely got the 36 because he got a 34 in the reading section of test. The score gives Cady the opportunity to look for large scholarships offered at colleges across the country.

Right now, Cady has been looking into Oklahoma State University.

“I’ve been considering going to Oklahoma State University for college,” Cady said. “So, I looked at if having a 36 would really get me any big scholarships or anything and it doesn’t really look like that from what I’ve seen.”

If he goes to Oklahoma State, Cady thinks he would try Computer Engineering. If that doesn’t fit well, he would consider going into Computer Science instead.

Good scholarships are available for more than just people who earn the 36 on the ACT. Cady mentioned scores of 34 and 35 also have great scholarship opportunities.

“You might strive for that 36, and suppose you get a 34 or 35 instead and you might be disappointed in yourself, those are actually really good scores,” Cady said. “And those are still going to get you good scholarships.”

In fact, scores of 25 should qualify students for the lower-level scholarship money. As the amount increases, scholarships become more competitive and the score requirements increase.

Cady also thanked his high school counselor (Carie Allen) for continuing to push him toward getting the 36 and god for his grace in his life.

“I am so proud of John and this accomplishment,” Allen said. “He is a kind and hard-working student. He represents the best of Mustang High School and I believe John will continue to earn more academic achievements as part of the Class of 2023.”

Cady is a member of Mustang Robotics and R.E.A.C.H. These (R.E.A.C.H.) student leaders help with Freshman Orientation and provide tours of the Mustang High School campus. These leaders also focus on character development and improving the student culture at the high school.

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