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Mustang’s Garden Club completing projects around town

Candice Parker, Jaxon Kretchmar and Sharine Kretchmar participating in the Gardens Club project at the Mustang Town Center.

Mustang Garden Club, Canadian County Master Gardeners and Mustang Wild Horse Gardens and Market members help plant flowers at the Mustang Town Center.

By Jacob Sturm

Mustang’s Town Center will have a new flair at the front entrances thanks to the hard work of a club that meets every second Wednesday of the month.

Mustang’s Garden Club meets at the Town Center at 10 a.m. There are also days where the club is out and about, visiting different garden locations for activities.

Candice Parker, the Gardening Director with the Gardens Club, said the group does activities with the City of Mustang, leading to a relationship with Lowe’s and a partnership with the city for gardening work at the four corners (SH-152 and Mustang Road).

That partnership started this past year, when the group agreed to maintain the flower beds on the corners of Mustang Road and State Highway 152.

“We’ve kind of partnered with the City of Mustang to keep up and maintain the four corners,” Parker said. “Lowe’s had donated some dianthus. They’ve donated quite a bit in fact.”

Garden Club President, Donna Schkolovyi, did mention COVID as a factor for the club in the past. She assessed the work the club has been able to do to maintain the four corners.

“That’s a big project keeping that up,” Schkolovyi said.

Parker estimated the donations cost Lowe’s over $2,000, containing perennial plants and assortments of plants that they don’t think will sell.

“They have donated flocks, bulbs, dahlias, you name it,” Parker said. “The people at Mustang Lowe’s are just phenomenal.”

Garden Club members were out at the four corners to plant some dianthus two weeks ago, and planted about 300 plants at the Town Center this past Friday.

Jean Heasley, the Director of the Recreation Center, is fixing to retire soon, but had one final project to do before her retirement in early June. That involved shrubs being brought to the Town Center for revamping the gardens.

Mustang Gardens Club members joined Canadian County Master Gardeners and Mustang Wild Horse Gardens and Market members to complete the project.

“We’re all just going to collaborate and help her revamp those large flower beds,” Parker said ahead of the gathering. “It’s a community effort. It’s definitely not just a few of us.”

Currently, there are between 20 and 25 members in the Gardens Club. Schkolovyi encourages those interested in joining the club to attend the meetings since the club doesn’t have a facebook page currently.

Parker also made a pitch to those interested parties.

“We’re just a group of mainly ladies, but gentleman as well who just love gardening and love to share ideas and love to travel,” Parker said. “…We’re here to help each other out and have fun and learn from one another.”

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  1. Fred Ballard on June 11, 2023 at 12:23 pm

    Please call me at 4057948392 I would like to talk about some help sprucing up the outside of Mustang heights Baptist church

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