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Man arrested for threats at grocery store

Sheldon Scott Allen

By Jacob Sturm

A man was arrested on May 28 for Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon and Reckless Conduct with a Firearm at the Crest located at 715 N. Czech Hall Road in Oklahoma City.

Responding officers made contact with a victim who mentioned Sheldon Scott Allen had been inside the crest near the chicken aisle. The victim told officers he was behind Allen and his girlfriend as they were taking their time picking the chicken they wanted from the store.

The victim and Allen exchanged words, angering Allen and prompting him to pull out a handgun from a purse in his shopping cart.

Allen then told the victim “I’m going to kill you m—–f—–”

The victim told police her feared for his life and thought Allen might actually shoot him.

Officers then inspected the footage recorded on security camera within the store. Officers then tracked Allen down with his tag.

Allen gave the police permission to search his apartment, and told officers the weapon was in the oven. The weapon was run through CIU and confirmed the weapon was stolen.

The Police Affidavit said Allen admitted to removing the weapon from the purse, racking the slide and turning to face the victim.

Court Records show Allen was issued a $25,000 bond, which he paid for his release on June 4.

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