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Calling all local Patriots

Our upcoming special section, Hometown Heroes, will soon be featured in the Central Oklahoma Weeklies’ Family of newspapers: the Mustang Times, The Choctaw Times, The Midwest City Beacon, The Tuttle Times, and the Minco-Union City Times.

Hometown Heroes will be included in all of our papers Wednesday, June 29 for CT and MWCB, and it will be in the Thursday, June 30 edition for the MT, TT, and M-UCT.

Our Hometown Heroes special section is just one of the many extra publications that we provide within the pages of the Times periodically, in addition to our standard A and B sections. Some focus on upcoming spring activities, some on upcoming sports seasons, and Hometown Heroes is how we recognize our current and former military members.

Our whole team is very patriotic, and we would like to spread patriotism in whatever way we can.

We have quite a few submissions so far, but would sure like to see a lot more.

If you have someone that you want to honor for their service to this country, please send us a photo and tell us as much as you know about their service to

If you yourself served, please do the same, and add a memory that stands out from your time in service.

I know a lot of guys out there are bashful, and didn’t do it for the attention, and these are the folks I’m really speaking to.

I’m the same way. I signed up for four years in the Air Force, spent a year in Korea, and the rest in Germany. I was a Munitions Systems Journeyman when I got out. I built bombs, processed ammunition for aircraft, and it was really just kind of a labor job. I never needed a gun. That’s why it feels a little cheap when someone hits me with the same “Thank you for your service” as someone who was special forces or who was actually shot at. To those guys, you have my undying respect, of course. The fact that we have Americans out there who would speak ill of any honorable service member or their contributions is disgusting, and I believe we need to spread patriotism to see that diminished.

Help me do that by sending in a short story about your service, the reason you joined, the friends you made, the adventures you had, or anything you’re willing to share, so we can let folks know we have heroes right here in our

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