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Del City Chamber finds new home at community center

Del City Chamber of Commerce director Erin Stevens at her desk in the Del City Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, June 30. Photo by Valerie Scott

By Valerie Scott
Midwest City Beacon

The Del City Chamber of Commerce has moved into the Community Center.

The chamber’s previous office, located at 4505 SE 15th St., will be turned into a Salad and Go restaurant.
The chamber has officially been moved in since the end of April.

Chamber Director, Erin Stevens just celebrated her one-year mark of working for the Chamber. She shared that there are several benefits of the new location.

“It is nice that we are on the same property as the Community Center now,” said Stevens. “We are right next to the banquet hall, the pool, park, and fire department. There are just a lot more opportunities for people to stop by given that there are already attractions on the property. There’s lots of natural light that makes its way through the building. I enjoy the openness of the office.”

To get their building prepared for the new office, some remodeling needed to take place.

“The building was already here and previously used for storage,” said Stevens. “They had to tear down a wall in the front of the building, creating a more open space, along with reconnecting the plumbing as it was shut off after so many years of being used for storage. They also gave it a fresh paint job and redid a wall inside the meeting room.”

One of several roles the Chamber of Commerce provides is an economical benefit for Del City, so when the city informed the Chamber that their former building should be utilized as a profitable restaurant, the chamber had no problem aiding their local economy and moving over to the Community Center.

“Our previous location is on a prime piece of real estate. It made sense for Del City to move forward and bring in a revenue-generating business on the property,” said Stevens. “Being involved in economic development, part of our mission is to better the economy, so of course, we are going to aid that process.”

The Chamber of Commerce is always working on a plan to better Del City through business and economic development as well as youth and community relations. Stevens shared their most recent development.

“We have a youth leadership program to help adolescence get into the business mindset, introduce them to mentors, teach budgeting and other things like that,” said Stevens

The new Chamber of Commerce is located at the front entrance to the Community Center, 4501 SE 15th St.

The Del City Chamber of Commerce has relocated to space inside the community center. Photo by Valerie Scott

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    Definitely a better location ❤️e

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