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Mid-Del Group Home honors legacy of service and smiles

The Mid-Del Group Home installed a memory bench in honor of the late Bill Judd who served as a volunteer handyman and frequently treated residents to ice cream. Members of the Judd family and employees and residents of Mid-Del Group Home gathered July 6 as the bench was unveiled. Photo by Jeff Harrison

By Jeff Harrison
Midwest City Beacon

Bill Judd was beloved by many people.

Especially those at Mid-Del Group Home.

For years, Judd volunteered as a handyman at their workshop, fixing anything and everything. He also won the hearts of the residents with ice cream.

He started volunteering at the Mid-Del Group Home when his wife Carol, a longtime member of the board, served as interim director a few years ago. Even after Carol left as director, Bill kept helping. And kept bringing ice cream.

“We did not have a maintenance guy and he just started helping and he really loved these folks,” said Carol. “He’d back up his Acadia here every other Friday and bring ice cream. And everyone was thrilled with it.”

Bill Judd passed away on April 22, leaving behind a legacy of service and smiles.

Those at Mid-Del Group Home wanted to honor that legacy. Joel Bain, executive director at Mid-Del Group Home, worked with the family to add a memorial bench at the workshop in honor Bill Judd.

The memorial bench was unveiled last week during a ceremony with members of the Judd family and staff and residents of Mid-Del Group Home.

The bench is inscribed with “In memory of Bill ‘Ice Cream Man’ Judd” and an image of an ice cream cone and hammer on each end.

“It has a hammer on one side for all of his hard work here, and ice cream to make us all smile,” Bain said.

After a few photos outside, the group headed inside to escape the heat. There, they celebrated Bill Judd one more time with ice cream treats and smiles all around.

Joel Bain, executive director of Mid-Del Group Home, speaks about the important role that the late Bill Judd played at their organization. They unveiled a memorial bench in Judd’s honor on July 6. Photo by Jeff Harrison

Mid-Del Group Home residents and staff unveil a new memorial bench honoring the late Bill Judd who was a longtime volunteer handyman. Photo by Jeff Harrison


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  1. Carol Judd on July 16, 2022 at 7:13 am

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article. It meant a great deal to our family. Mid-Del Group Home is an outstanding organization that provides a much needed service.

    Again, my heartfelt thanks for honoring a very special man.

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