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Miss Tuttle and NDF Pageant contestants

This year, Tuttle is hosting the Northern District Fair August 19 & 20, and with it being the 60th anniversary of the crowning of the very first Miss Tuttle Fair, the pageant will also be crowing a Miss Tuttle that night. The 2022 Fair Honoree will be Lee Coker, who has served, volunteered and supported the fair for 40 years. Coker’s association with the Fair began in 1982 when he was hired as an Ag teacher in Tuttle. He taught Agriculture for 7 years, was a Principal for 11 years, and was Superintendent of Tuttle Public Schools for 13 years. For the last 9 years, Coker has been Vice-President of Sooner State Bank. Over the years, he has served in many capacities as a fair volunteer. He was a cake judge numerous times, has helped with the farmhand olympics and closest to the pin competitions, and served as Emcee of the Little Miss contest. For several years, Coker was the poultry and rabbit superintendent, and he has also been a judge of that division. In order to support the continued success of the fair, Coker has purchased numerous cakes at the auction for his family and more recently tor Sooner State Bank. His wife, Jeanette, volunteered many years in the cake competition and both of his children, Rafe and Chelsea, participated in the fair. Chelsea was crowned Miss Tuttle Fair in 2010. We would like to recognize and thank Lee Coker for his 40 years of service and continued commitment to the success of the Tuttle and Northern District Fairs.

Kiera Link

Contestant #1
Kiera Link
Tuttle FCCLA
Kiera Link is the 18 year old daughter of Kandi Link and Aaron Link and sister of Magan. A senior at Tuttle High School, Kiera is in the Tuttle Choir, on the Tuttle Academic Team, and is a Chapter Officer for the Tuttle FCCLA. She is a member of Canterbury Youth Voices, where she has served as Section Leader in 2021 and 2022, and is an active volunteer with Cavett Kids. Kiera has been named to OAKE National Honor Choir, OCDA All State, and OkMEA All State and Children’s All State. She has earned COCDA All Regional Choir for three years, and Superior and Excellent Ratings at State and District Solo and Ensemble contests. She also has been named Most Musical in the Tuttle Choir two years in a row. In December of 2021, she had the honor of performing with Canterbury at the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii. They represented the USS OKLAHOMA, got to learn about and honor those who fought in World War II. Kiera was part of the 4th Place team at Quizbowl State in 2022. Last year, Kiera was named the Rising Star at Miss Tuttle Fair, Second Runner-Up at Miss Grady County, and Miss Congeniality at both Miss Grady County and Miss Northern District Fair. Kiera enjoys all things music related, learning, meeting new people, babysitting her nephew, and being with family and friends. Kiera says she loves to help and volunteer. Some of her favorite places to volunteer include Cavett Kids, Pershing City Care, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Canterbury, and helping with food boxes at SnowHill Baptist Church. A fun fact about Kiera is that she plays three instruments, and taught herself how to play ukulele and guitar. For her talent, Kiera will be singing and playing Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack. Kiera is representing Tuttle FCCLA.

Kelsi McCarthey

Contestant #2
Kelsi Dawn McCarthey
Tuttle Golf
Kelsi Dawn McCarthey is the 16-year-old daughter of Troy and Lori McCarthey and sister of Tylor. Kelsi is a sophomore at Tuttle High School, where she is on the golf team and a member of FCCLA and STUCO. She is on the Superintendent’s Honor Roll and in the Oklahoma Honor Society, and has received the Tuttle Active STUCO Member Award. Last year, she was the Freshman Football Homecoming Attendant. Kelsi is a member of Southwest Baptist Church. Her hobbes include hanging out with her family and friends, taking care of her dog, Dash, going on vacation, golfing, painting, hand lettering items, and running her small business, Letters & Luxury. A fun fact about Kelsi is that when she was two, she thought her name was “Rella,” after Cinderella, and she would tell everyone her name was Rella, not Kelsi. For her talent, Kelsi will be playing Amazing Grace on the piano. Kelsi is representing Tuttle Golf.

Emma Luster

Contestant #3
Emma Luster
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
Emma Luster is the 17-year-old daughter of Mike and Donna Luster and sister of Alexis, Madelynn, Kenedee and Hudson. Emma is a senior at Minco High School, where she is thee FCA President and an FCCLA Officer. She also serves on her church’s Student Leadership team. Emma was awarded Our Diamond Miss Oklahoma State Elegant Miss Talent and Modeling, and, in the school yearbook, was voted most spirited and most likely to be late. Emma’s hobbies include reading, designing clothes, driving around with friends, and watching movies with her dad and sister. A fun fact about Emma is that she has a syndrome that only 1 in 2 million people are diagnosed with, McCune Albright Syndrome. Emma’s favorite color is black, because you can put almost any color with it and it will look like it is glowing, and you can wear it with anything. For her talent, Emma is doing ASL to the song “You Say,” by Lauren Daigle. Emma said it is a song that says no matter what the world makes you feel, God will always see you as a child of His. Emma is representing the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Contestant #4
Kaydi Clapper
Tuttle Cheer

Kaydi Clapper

Kaydi Clapper is the 15-year-old daughter of Billy and Julia Clapper. She has one brother, Kyler. Kaydi is a sophomore at Tuttle High School, where she is on the Cheer team. In 2021, Kaydi was named a UCA All American Cheerleader, and she was a NCA National Champion in 2022. She was on the 2020 Tuttle FFA Opening Ceremony Regional Champion team. Kaydi’s hobbies include shopping with her mom or friends and spending time at the lake. A fun fact about Kaydi is that she makes her mom order extra pickles everywhere they go, so she can have all the extra pickles! Kaydi is dyslexic and says because of that, she has overcome a lot of challenges. She said she believes it enables her to think, see and process in a unique and creative way. For Kaydi’s talent, she will be sharing a speech/poem about the pride she has in representing Tuttle through her participation in the very successful Tuttle Cheer program. Kaydi is representing Tuttle Cheer.

Contestant #5
Abbie Belle Savage
Amber Fire Department
Abbie Belle Savage is the 17-year-old-daughter of Bruce Savage and Patricia Nichols. She has a brother and sister, Haley and Hayden, and four bonus siblings. Abbie is a senior at Amber Pocasset High School, where she is on the basketball team, and in FFA, FCA, STUCO and NHS. She is a member of First Baptist Church of Pocasset.

Abbie Savage

Abbie has been named Student of the Month in Elementary, Junior High and High School, as well as the Masonic Lodge Student of the Day. She serves as an FFA Officer, STUCO Officer and Class Officer. Abbie has been named to the Grady County All Conference Basketball Team. Her hobbies include playing basketball, fishing, riding the RZR, shopping local and photography. A fun fact about Abbie is that she eats a bowl of Braum’s chocolate chocolate ice cream every night! Abbiee is the 5th generation of her family to live in Grady County, and said she enjoys being a role model to little kids. She describes herself as very dedicated in everything she does. For her talent, Abbie will be singing “Dime Store Cowgirl” by Kacey Musgravs. Abbie is representing the Amber Fire Department.

Laney Harryman

Contestant #6
Laney Paige Harryman
Tuttle FFA
Laney Paige Harryman is the 17-year-old daughter of Jody Harryman and Kylie Harryman, and sister of Cale. She is a senior at Tuttle High School, where she is in the National Honor Society and active in the FFA Chapter, competing on the Livestock Judging Team and serving as Secretary in 2021 and Reporter in 2022. She was on the National Championship Livestock Judging Team at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, also placing as the Second High Individual. In 2022, she was on the Oklahoma State Champion Livestock Judging Team. Laney is a member of the Oklahoma High School Rodeo Association and Little Britches Rodeo Association, where she has won Champion All Around Cowgirl, Champion Barrel Racer and Reserve Champion Pole Bender. Laney also volunteers at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Her hobbies include all things involving FFA and agriculture, hanging out with friends, shopping, teaching her dogs tricks, cooking and baking. She also really enjoys riding her horses and going to rodeos. A fun fact about Laney is that she works at a vet clinic in Moore, where she spends most of her time with animals. Laney said she has been involved with FFA for as long as she can remember, and because of her experiences, she is fully confident she could be the next Miss Northern District. FFA has taught her public speaking skills, how to be a well-rounded person, and, most importantly, how to be comfortable in her own skin. As she has prepared for this pageant, she realized how much FFA has impacted her life. She said she will never take for granted the opportunities the organization has given to her. She said “The Tuttle Fair as well as the Northern District Fair has been around since my grandpa and grandma first moved to Tuttle, and that is so important to me. Since I have lived in the Northern District area my whole life it only seems right that I continue this tradition as the next Miss Northern District.” For her talent, Laney will be giving a speech about the importance of women in agriculture. Laney is representing the Tuttle FFA Chapter.

Contestant #7
Mystery Gazelle McDoulett
Tuttle Pom

Mystery McDoulett

Mystery Gazelle McDoulett is the 17-year-old daughter of Jade and Jennifer McDoulett and sister of Rowdy, Falcon and Whisper. Mystery is a senior at Tuttle High School, where she is on the Pom team, serves as FCCLA Vice President of Community Service, is a National Honor Society officer, and is on the Student Council. She is involved with Tigers for Christ and the Tuttle One Youth Group, and dances at Steppin’ Out Dance Studio. Mystery has been recognized as the Oklahoma Girls State Outstanding Citizen and Outstanding Student Council Member. Her hobbies include pom, dance, hunting, fishing, camping and board games. A fun fact about Mystery is that she loves old trucks and cars, and has one of her own that she works on with her dad. For her talent, Mystery will be performing a dance solo. Mystery is representing Tuttle Pom.

Contestant #8
Shelby Suzanne Kelsey
Grady County 4-H
Shelby Suzanne Kelsey is the 17-year-old daughter of James and Jacqueline Kelsey, and sister of Hunter. Shelby is a junior at Amber-Pocasset High School and attends the CVTECH Health Careers Program. She has participated in Cheerleading, Volleyball, FCCLA and 4-H, and attends the New Life Christian Church of Chickasha’s youth group. Currently, she is serving as the Vice President of the Grady County 4-H, the Reporter on the West District 4-H Officer Team and a 4-H State Ambassador. Shelby says she loves to help others in her community, and she is not afraid to put in long hours to get the job done. During her 4-H career, Shelby has volunteered over 500 hours and completed 121 community service projects.

Shelby Kelsey

Shelby has received numerous awards through 4-H on the county, district, and state level, but says she is most proud of being inducted into the 4-H Ambassadors program, being the 2021 Achievement Project Scholarship Winner and being in the Top 20 of Oklahoma 4-H as a 2022 Blue Award Recipient. Two of her future goals are to be inducted into the Grady County 4-H Hall of Fame and in the Oklahoma State 4-H Hall of Fame. Last year, Shelby was the Am-Po Cloverbud Leader, and in the 2022-2023 year she will be the Am-Po Jr. 4-H Club Leader. Shelby’s hobbies include spending time with family, hanging out at Eufaula Lake with her grandparents, going to Viridian Coffee with friends, reading, music, dancing, and traveling. Her favorite time of the year is at the end of the summer when she gets to attend 4-H Round-Up at the OSU Campus in Stillwater, and of course, fair season! Shelby loves to bake, and has won Grand Champion for her Italian Cream Cake in the Northern District and Grady County Fair Cake Contests. A fun fact about Shelby is that she is a self-proclaimed Quote Junkie. She likes finding quotes and keeps a notebook full of the ones she loves. One of Shelby’s favorite quotes is “The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything,” by Sam Cawthorn. She always tries to make the best of every situation and meet each day with a smile because you never know who might need one. Shelby loves dogs and works part time at Scallywags Pet Resort as a Kennel Tech. She has a dog named Max, and she called him a Chidorkie, because he is a mix of Chihuahua, Doxin and Yorkie. For her talent, Shelby will be sharing about her 4-H Project areas in Fabric & Fashions and Citizenship.

Emma Riley

Contestant #9
Emma Riley
Special Olympics
Emma Riley is the 14-year-old daughter of Amber and Matt Riley and sister of Wyatt. She is a freshman at Tuttle High School, where she is on the FFA Meat Judging Team and, last year, was on the Opening Ceremonies Team. In her 7th and 8th grade years, Emma was a football manager. Emma has cheered competitively at Cheers All Stars for 8 years, winning six performer awards, the Red Raider Award, and the Dave Hardy Award and Memorial Scholarship. This year, she will be cheering at Reign Athletics, where she helps coach minis. Emma has volunteered at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and for various City of Tuttle events. Her hobbies include deep sea fishing, being on the ocean or at the beach, going to the lake with friends, camping and baking with her grandma, riding horses, going on vacation, cheering, and shopping. Emma is a self-proclaimed shoe addict. She is a dog mom to a Great Dane, named Ruger, and she says he isn’t the smartest boy, but he is the prettiest boy. A fun fact about Emma is that sometimes small dogs freak her out. After high school, Emma plans to go to college and wants to go into law enforcement as a game warden, but is also interested in being a chiropractor. She wants a profession where she can help people and make a difference. For her talent, Emma will be dancing to Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa. Emma is representing Special Olympics.

Emma McClure

Contestant #10
Emma Kate McClure
Am-Po Volleyball
Emma Kate McClure is the 13-year-old daughter of Kyle and Whitney McClure and sister of Kaylee and Daxton. She is a freshman at Amber-Pocasset High School, where she is on the volleyball team and involved with FCCLA and FCA. Emma volunteers with Life Kids at Chickasha Life Church, and dances at Steppin’ Out Dance Studio. She has played Young Fiona in Shrek Jr. Musical, and Jane Banks in the Mary Poppins Musical at the Chickasha Community Theater. Emma’s hobbies include babysitting, reading, dancing, singing and playing volleyball. A fun fact about Emma is that when she went on a mission trip to Honduras in 2020, the borders shut down one day after they landed and their group was stranded there for two weeks. For her talent, Emma will be singing Hold On To Me by Lauren Daigle. Emma is representing Am-Po Volleyball.

Tegan Burchfield

Contestant #11
Tegan Reese Burchfield
Minco Varsity Cheer
Tegan Reese Burchfield is the 17-year-old daughter of Chad and Traci Burchfield and sister of Brandy, Kaitlyn and Morgan. Tegan is a senior at Minco High School, where she is in FCCLA, FCA, Drama and serves as captain of Minco Varsity Cheer. She is in the National Honor Society and Oklahoma Honor Society, and works as an after school program tutor. Tegan has been on the Principal and Superintendent’s Honor Rolls, and has received Top Student Awards in English and Multimedia. Tegan volunteers in the FBC Minco Children’s Church and Nursery, and is on the Youth Leadership Team. She is a dancer at Stepping Out Dance Studio, and earned the top score at Encore Dance Regionals and was 5th overall at Synergy Dance Regionals. Tegan is a Senior Model Team Representative for Aspyn Tabor Photography. In 2021, Tegan was 3rd Runner Up at Miss Northern District. She has received multiple Our Diamond Miss Division Supreme Awards, as well as the Top Glamor Award. Tegan’s hobbies include cheer, dance, drama, traveling, painting, reading, modeling and collecting crystals. A fun fact about tegan is that one of her favorite things to do is paint old vinyl records. For her talent, Tegan will be performing a pointe number. Tegan is representing Minco Varsity Cheer.

Morgan Burchfield

Contestant #12
Morgan Presley Burchfield
Minco FFA
Morgan Presley Burchfield is the 16-year-old daughter of Chad and Traci Burchfield and sister of Brandy, Kaitlyn and Tegan. Morgan is a junior at Minco High School, where she is on the track and cross country teams, serves as varsity cheer co-captain and FCCLA Vice President, and is in FCA. She is also an active member of the Minco FFA chapter, serving as Reporter and on the Livestock Judging and Showing teams. She is in the National Honor Society and Oklahoma Honor Society, and serves on the FBC Minco Leadership Team. Morgan was honored with Star Jumper and All American Cheerleader at OU Varsity Spirit Camp, on the Top Reasons Team at the Livestock Judging Showcase, and is on the Principal and Superintendent’s Honor Rolls. Morgan’s hobbies include cheer, track, cross country, judging and showing in FFA, traveling and spending time with her family and friends. A fun fact about MOrgan is that she has been to 21 states and 9 countries. Morgan says that she is proud to be a Minco Bulldog, and her favorite thing is performing the fight song under the Friday Night Lights as she cheers on the team. For her talent, Morgan will be performing the Minco Fight Song. Morgan is representing the Minco FFA Chapter.

Contestant #13
Brianna Howard
Tuttle High School Art Club
Brianna Howard is the 17-year-old daughter of Matt and Kisha Howard and sister of Braden. She has a French Bulldog, Ivy. A senior at Tuttle High School,

Brianna Howard

Brianna is a member of Art Club, on the Pom Team, and is in Student Council and the National Honor Society. Brianna dances at Steppin’ Out Dance Studio. She is a member of the Choctaw Nation Student Services and of Woodland Hills Baptist Church in Newcastle. Brianna has received the Advance Art Award and Outstanding Stuco Member Award. In 2022, she was on the Academic All State Team for Pom, and was 5A State Runner Up for Game Day. Her team also was a OSDTA State Qualifier. Brianna got a Superior rating at State Choir. Brianna has been on teams winning Starquest Small Group National Dance Champion and Starquest Dance Off National Large Group Champion. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, volleyball, dance, art, music, games and movies. A fun fact about Brianna is that she was in the movie Ground Control, with the lead role of Emma McKinny. It played on the big screen at The Rodeo in OKC and was selected for and played at the UNT Media Art Film Festival and Urbanite Film Festival in New York. She said it was amazing to have her first ever Actors Q&A. Brianna said being diagnosed with Lupus, Hashimoto’s and Hypoglycemia has made her live life to the fullest. She said God gave her these challenges for a reason and she feels it’s to help other young women know that you can stay down and feel bad, but you have to have a positive attitude and know you are strong, and that they have support. For her talent, Brianna will be performing her senior contemporary piece called Liquid Smooth, choreographed by Harper Harris. Brianna is representing the Tuttle High School Art Club.


Caisyn Schroeder

Contestant #14
Caisyn Schroeder
Am-Po Volleyball
Caisyn Schhroeder is the 14-year-old daughter of Juli and Spencer Schroeder and sister of Cale, Camryn and Cutler. Caisyn is a freshman at Amber-Pocasset, where she plays volleyball. She is in the St. Andrews UMC Youth group. Caisyn dances at Steppin’ Out Dance Studio, and has won Starquest National Champion Contemporary Duet. Her hobbies include dancing, baking and reading. A fun fact about Caisyn is that she perfected cheesecake on the first try! Her future plans are to go to college and be a kindergarten teacher or pediatric nurse. For her talent, Caisyn will be performing a musical theater genre dance to the song that she said perfectly fits her own personality, “Cock-eyed Optimist,” from the classic Rogers & Hammerstein musical “South Pacific.” Caisyn is representing Am-Po Volleyball.

Contestant #15
Camryn Schroeder
Oklahoma Blood Institute

Camryn Schroeder

Camryn Schroeder is the 17-year-old daughter of Juli and Spencer Schroeder and sister of Cale, Caisyn, and Cutler. Camryn is a senior at Amber Pocasset High School, where she is on the Volleyball Team, a member of the National Honor Society, and is on track to being Valedictorian. She dances at Stepping Out Dance Studio and Bloom Dance Company, and teaches dance technique and beginners gymnastics at Stepping Out Dance Studio and Tumble Time Gymnastics. Camryn is a member of the Saint Andrews Methodist Church Youth Group. Camryn was recently in the Miss Teen Oklahoma USA Pageant, where she earned the Honorable Mention award. Her hobbies include traveling, cooking, swimming and hanging out with friends and family. A fun fact about Camryn is that despite being a dancer, she is actually pretty clumsy and even fell down a flight of stairs at her Junior prom. Camryn says she loves doing community service, such as making care packages for people in need and working at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. She has also donated blood two times! For her talent, Camryn is dancing a jazz performance to Sweet Nothings. Camryn is representing Oklahoma Blood Institute.

Reigning Miss Northern District Fair
Ava Jenkins
Our reigning Miss Northern District Fair is Miss Ava Jenkins. She is the 16-year-old daughter of Roddy and Ashley Jenkins. Ava is a Junior at Minco High School, and has two brothers, Owen and Emmett. At school, she is a member of the gifted and talented program, choir, and is the President of both her local chapter of FCCLA and her district FCCLA chapter. She is a lifetime 4.0 student, a member of the National Honor Society, and is on the Superintendent’s Honor Roll. Ava is a Minco Chamber of Commerce Volunteer, and has been helping with their annual Honey Festival for 11 years. She attends First Baptist Church of Minco. She was a competitive cheerleader for 6 years and is now entering into her second year on the Minco varsity cheerleading squad. In 2011, Ava won the title of Little Miss Minco and, last year, achieved her dream of becoming Miss Northern District Fair. She was also crowned Miss Grady County Fair Princess in 2020. AJ is proud to be the fifth generation of her family to live in Northern Grady County. She was raised knowing that the fair is a special time and looks forward to it every year. Ava also enjoys pageants and was recently crowned National American Miss Oklahoma Teen and will represent Oklahoma at nationals in November.

Ava Jenkins

After high school, she would like to attend the Disney College Program and, one day, be a registered nurse aesthetician providing medical cosmetic services.

Reigning Miss Tuttle Fair
Addilyn Lingle
Addilyn Lingle is the reigning Miss Tuttle Fair Princess as well as the Miss Grady County Fair Princess. She is the 18-year-old daughter of Randy and Michelle Lingle and has one brother, Owen. She recently graduated from Tuttle High School where she was recognized as an Honor Graduate with a 4.0 GPA and was named to Oklahoma Honor Society, National Honor Society, and National Technical Honor Society. She was an officer for many organizations including FCCLA, Student Council, and Spanish Club. She was also selected as a Student Ambassador and District Officer for CVTech. Addilyn was chosen for the Oklahoma All State Honor Choir for five years and the National Honor Choir for two years. She received the Outstanding Student Award for multiple classes and has received the “Coining Award” for Student of the Quarter. Addilyn has started her own photography business, and she enjoys singing and playing the piano and guitar. A fun fact about Addilyn is that she loves to SCUBA dive and has received her Open Water Dive Certification. Addilyn just started her Freshman year attending Northeastern State University where she has been named to the President’s Leadership Class and is majoring in Environmental, Health, and Safety. She received the NSU Collegiate Scholars scholarship, PLC scholarship, and Phillips 66 Dependent scholarship.

Addilyn Lingle

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