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Mustang making progress on new fire station

The new fire station is located at 2091 E State Highway 152 and continues making progress. The station will be the second serving Mustang once it is completed. (Photos by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

Mustang’s second fire station is making noticeable progress, and with that, the community looks to benefit from its use in the future.

Mustang Fire Chief, Craig Carruth, assessed the progress as the station is rapidly coming together.

“It’s coming along really, really well,” Carruth said. “…All the structural components are up, next year’s stead wall has been put on and insulation has been installed. So, they’re really starting to gain some traction on it, and it’s really starting to come to shape.”

Carruth said the project has been pushed back to a completion date estimated for the end of January due to product delivery. He said there is still a lot of work that is getting done, which is part of why the building seems to be changing shape by the week.

Everything as far as getting the project closer to completion starts at the planning stage in the beginning of the project. Carruth said the completed structure has already been planned for, and right now, the construction remains right on time with where it needs to be.

“Things are kind of starting to take shape and gain traction,” Carruth said. “Obviously, all of the mechanical stuff, electric, plumbing, all that stuff. It all has a timeline.”

Each step in the process leading to the fire station being up and running is important. Carruth didn’t single out any particular moment where the project led to more excitement, instead saying the project has numerous benchmarks it has surpassed to this point.

“I think every one of them kind of has that a different benchmark,” Carruth said. “We had the groundbreaking ceremony that was special, and then once you see the foundation of the board, that’s a benchmark. And then you see the red iron construction, that’s a benchmark… It’s all special.”

Those benchmarks don’t show any signs of stopping soon.

With the speed the project is going up, those looking closely can notice differences on a regular basis. Carruth noted as much when discussing the project.

“I would say there is something drastic that happens about every three weeks that’s special,” Carruth said. “…You really see it going from dirt to reality.”

Of course, the public will benefit from the new fire station as much as the firefighters working on the site once it opens.

The main way that is the case is through the response times to situations. Firefighters will have a second base location when the station at 2091 E. State Highway 152 gets up and running, making it easier to respond to emergencies across town from the current station.

“Obviously it’s going to be faster service,” Carruth said. “That’s the end goal. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service across the board and part of being able to do that is getting there in a timely manner. And having that station in the east side of town is going to be able to allow us to meet that goal.”



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