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Get the party started at Zone 152

by Jayson Knight

Zone 152 is Mustang’s go-to selection for active entertainment venue, offering laser tag, nerf parties, and inflatables, perfect for birthday parties, sports team celebrations, youth group events, school field trips, and any other groups of folks looking to have fun.

Owner/operator Brandi Combs said the location has been operational about 16 years.

“It used to be called ‘Play Zone,’ but it was the same thing, just a different name,” Combs said Monday. “I just thought it was something for the community to do, for birthday parties. It’s rather cheap and a good time for people. That’s really it. We have got Nerf, laser tag, and then we have three bounce house with inflatables and an obstacle course, slide and then a bounce castle.”

Located at 189 North Centennial Way in Mustang, Zone 152 is most regularly reserved for birthday parties, and has a more hometown way of operating than your standard amusement parks/facilities.

“We do mostly birthday parties,” Combs said. “We don’t charge extra for the extra sibling that shows up unannounced, or any other extra kid who didn’t RSVP or whatever. You basically rent our facility out, and we are just there to help. I’m going to try to keep it a little bit old school and not so difficult to work with. We want you to have a good time and not have to worry about having to pay extra for an extra kid, or deal with another party that is going to be intruding on your party, that sort of thing. Most people book their parties, but we do have open play occasionally, but we schedule it around the parties. We try to do some free play time during the summers, just because we know that people are off, but we’re not open 24/7 and have somebody there all the time.”

Zone 152 is not just for little kids either, with plenty of amenities to keep anyone active.

“There’s a lot of ranges,” Combs said. “We have church groups that bring their youth groups in. Those kids are 16. There’s adults that have come in with their Sunday school class and done a party. It’s a good place for any get-together that you want to be fun. There’s two buildings side by side, but they’re connected, so you can do a jumbo party, and that’s basically where you rent the whole building out, and you get both sides so you could just go freely back and forth.”

For more information about Zone 152, including booking and pricing, go online to, or give them a call at (405) 996-8475.

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